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      I’ve got about an A4 page of text (essay sort of) that I would like to make a video out of.

      The absolute easiest would just doing it like the star wars intro or something similar where I just copy paste everything from a text document to the video.

      But it wouldn’t be very interesting or fun to follow along. It’s a lot of text.

      I want there to be a advantage to reading it from a video instead of a web page

      (entertaining, cool).

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      This was pretty fun to make in After Effects. The only problem you may have is doing the voice over for it.

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      You mean the text like Star Wars intro?

      Sorry for not making it clear but I was looking for another way of making a video with tons of text.

      To keep it interesting(not seeing line after line scroll down slowly for 5 mins), easy to read, cool, professional look.

      I’m looking for suggestions what other ways I could do it? Or maybe even some examples?

      I can use After Effects and Corel Videostudio.


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      Try a YouTube search on Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography…This will give you another interesting way to work with text. a good After Effects project.

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      Typography is the key-word.

      There’s lots of more videos about typography.

      Time to start making videos!

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      I don’t have a sample of what I’m suggesting though I have long long ago and far far away (sorry, couldn’t resist) … anyway, I used a SCAD of different deco or specialty fonts, bringing them in from various angles, as well as x, y, z with 3D effects, but I emphasized the presentation with VO as well as musical segments, using the beat or special UPBEAT elements of the sound track to underscore certain words and/or passages. Even so, this kind of presentation can be totally monotonous, boring or a flat out turnoff. Hard to make anything other than a PDF with graphics or an eBook interesting if it’s ONLY dialog or print on video IMHO. MIght be an interesting challenge at some point if/when I’m totally bored and and come up with some content worth trying.

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      Check out this example:

      Amena has other examples, most are similar to this format.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I agree with Earl, transferring a whole document of text to a video will be boring to your audience. The best you could do is summarize what you written and make a typography style video with voice over.

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      I made this for where I work and I believe it makes it a little more interesting.

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      “I want there to be a advantage to reading it from a video instead of a web page(entertaining, cool).”

      There’s probably no advantage to reading a video screen, at least if the content of the written material is important. I’d rank things this way: written on paper; Kendle (no back light;) computer monitor; video screen.

      Trying to read complex material on a web page is difficult enough; trying to read it as a moving scroll or, worse yet, with a mixture of moving letters in different fonts and colors is hopeless. It may work in a short commercial, where bling is more important than content, but for a lengthy essay, such as you describe, it seems like a poor choice of media.


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