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      heya all! I have been assigned a project at collage to make a music video and im really struggling for ideas, The song is sort of a rodrigo y gabriela acoustic guitar with no lyrics. I will be using a Sony pd170 and I have no transport or budget! I was thinking of creating a story with my guitarist in the local countryside but I dunno, im worryied it may look cheap and unimagantive! like i said im kinda stuck, and any ideas, input or tips would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks alot D

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      Pre vis (Pre-visualize) your ideas first. When you’re having trouble just fool around with some storyboards to give yourself a concrete visual reference for your ideas. They don’t have to be perfectly drawn (stick figures work just fine) but you do want to keep in mind your shot framing (WS, MS, NS, CU) and screen direction. You can also fool with potential camera angles as well. Once you get something that works for you, use the storyboard as a guide in planning and shooting your vid.

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      Hey Dave,

      I would start with the song. Listen to the song 100 times and see how it makes you feel. Then pick a theme.

      That being said, here are a couple of scenarios you might consider:

      Scenario 1

      street performer – anything acoustic lends well to this scenario

      -the story is about how people start to gather and enjoy his music as the song progresses, so you’ll need to do some blocking and have people walking over to watch

      -you become a spectator yourself and you could shoot from behind the crowd, over the shoulder, shoot people in the crowd taking out their phones and recording the performer, crowd reactions

      -shoot the song being played at least 3 times – probably more…

      What you need:



      10 friends to be in the video,

      release forms,

      assistant#1 that does nothing but get release forms signed if people stop to watch,

      assistant#2 or a way to cue your friends when to enter the scene, (maybe they come in at the same part of the some every time), the performer and his guitar, a stool? or steps for him to sit on, or he could stand (it would be the easiest), good weather

      Shot List (just off the top of my head, there’s probably other things you can think of based on the location)

      -wide shot of the artist playing the whole song, on a tripod, locked off (don’t touch the camera) – this is what you can cut to if everything else you shoot doesn’t work

      -CU – traffic lights turning green – shoot hand held and do ‘swishes’ (I don’t know what else to call them – they are fast pans) in and out of the shot – so pan in really quick, hold the shot for 2 seconds and pan out quick – try to do this with all the b-roll shots, then you have the option of using it or not, but it will add some life to the finished product, because you can use them as transitions (you wouldn’t want to use it for every transition though…) Also you can shoot these types of shots at any time, by yourself, so shoot these first, it will help you get familiar with the camera and the location and help get your creative flowing – just remember to shoot at the same time of day as your scheduled performer shoot, so you know what the lighting is going to be like

      -WS – tilt up – tilt down – pan across high rise buildings, anything that sets the scene,

      -CUs of car tires driving by, peoples feet as they step down from the curb, or cross the street, or walk by, hands holding briefcases, women looking in their purse, holding coffee cups, whatever,

      -WS – put the camera on the ground shoot peoples feet walking by 30 seconds tops

      -WS – put the camera on the ground shoot peoples feet walking by this time get the artist in the background, or his open guitar case 30 seconds tops

      -CUs of the performer , hand held, zoom out on the camera and move in to the subject, this will help you focus, don’t stand back and zoom in, the first sign of a newbie and it’ll make it look too ‘home movie’, strumming, picking, tapping on guitar, fingers on frets, shoot down the neck of the guitar,

      -shoot extreme close ups of his face, eyes, mouth, tilt up and down from face to guitar, his foot tapping, get him to stand away from any wall so you can walk around him and shoot the crowd from his pov

      -dollars being dropped into the open guitar case

      -shoot CUs of everyone in the crowd, faces, smiles, hands holding coffee cups, toes tapping, eyes, fingers tapping, talking to each other and then looking back at the performer, taking phones out of their pockets and recording the performer

      -shoot from behind the crowd, in front of the crowd, profiles, this is where most of the video is going to come from, shots of the performer and the crowd, so spend most of your time doing these

      Scenario 2 – in a house

      -if the weather sucks, take the first scenario idea and shoot the whole thing inside, so now it becomes a small gathering of friends with drinks and nachos or whatever, people, arriving at the door, food being laid out, drinks being served, conversations happening, shoot every part in it’s own sequence, it will make editing a breeze…

      Scenario 3 – mom and pop diner

      – ask a local mom and pop shop if you can shoot in their diner, tell them they business will be featured in the music video, and you’ll give them a credit at the end, and it’s going to be ‘distributed’ via the web, make them a one sheet announcement flyers they can put up around the diner to let people know a shoot is coming up and we’re looking for volunteers to be in the video, they will probably help you get a crowd because they’re going to tell all there friends and family about it

      anyway, that’s it for me…

      I hope this helped stimulate ideas for you.


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      oh yeah,

      if you have any questions about what I suggested, feel free to ask.


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