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      Hi im trying to make high quality makeup videos at so will someone please advise me on the best way to make these videos so i can help people???

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      This is interesting. I watched a bit of some, and was impressed with a few, not so with many. As with anything of a YouTube nature, quality is all over the board, and often non-existent. That being said…

      …if you have ANY talent/skills and/or unique concepts for the creation/application of makeup then you have found a niche you could develop for a quality series. There is certainly a HUGE interest, I would suspect, among those who wear makeup. Beyond the daily application of makeup for women (and some males, I suspect) there’s theatrical makeup hints, etc. as well as (believe this or not) a whole industry of folks who do makeup at funeral homes/mortuaries for the deceased. Really!

      You will need:

      1.) Decent quality camera

      2.) Good lighting system

      3.) Good audio recording

      4. Good on-camera, or probably VO (voice-over, off camera) talent

      5. The perfect setting (studio, special room, boutique or styling salon – wherever you can control all the above aspects, from lighting to sound, and multiple takes.

      Of course this all depends on how much time, effort and money you want to put into this. You can go low budget and do freebies, or you might take this to a whole new level with paid advertisers (all those makeup and cosmetics companies out there) or sponsors, or develop your own products and use web video to sell.

      Keep your background uncluttered. Unless, of course, you’re pitching a particular line of products, then use a shelf full of these for your background, etc.

      Keep your lighting consistent. I would think that a LOT of close-up work is going to be the norm, so clean tools, no messy makeup products with drips or spills, etc. GREAT focus and clean, clear audio would be key.

      There’s much more that could be said, but this addresses, in very simplified terms, the basics. Maybe you’ll get more input as this thread gains attention.


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      Grinner Hester

      I’d aproach it differently. I’d make it a youtube vibe where girls can upload their own tips and tricks to share em. No overhead, authentic, and a never-ending variety of content. The girls watching don’t care about production value of the video. They just wanna know product suggestionsand tips for applying them.

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      IMHO the production quality is important to visual acuity and audio clarity. Having high quality production values is a benefit, not a deterrent. Anyone can grab a camera and start shooting as the blush brush sweeps, but to get the detail, the information, along with a clarity of image and audio will separate a quality production with GREAT information from a typical YT production with GREAT information. It’s in the translation and comprehension – not just a desire to have the most pristine eye-candy.

      If visuals/audio were not of the highest importance, you could simply write a book and use stick figure illustrations.

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      Grinner Hester

      It’s important in many instances. I don’t see it as a factor in this one. My 14 year old girl would not stop watching an application of a new product because she didn’t dig the backdrop. She’d not startw atching these clips because they were High Def. She’d simply want info from the source… other girls.

      In a nutshell, this is why youtube is so much more successful than any television network. Authenticity.

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      I watch hours of Youtube clips of people talking about boxing (or hunting, fishing, you name it) that have terrible quality. Looking back, I don’t even find myself thinking, “I could do this much better” most of the time. I do it more to hear what they have to say (content).

      On the other hand, offer me that same quality with commercials or with a monthly rate like cable TV and I’d probably pass.

      That’s my two cents. Good luck with your makeup videos.

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      Grinner, you have to comprehend what I am referring to when I talk about quality. It’s not the “backdrop” specifically that I’m referring to. As in quote: “…the detail, the information, along with a clarity of image and audio…” Sure interest has to be there and can sometimes override less than good presentation – content, if you will.

      But let somebody’s 14-year-old daughter bump into a production that provides clear, distinct instruction with solid imaging, the choice being something along the lines of the bottom 35 percent (quality wise – image, audio and clarity of message/description/instruction, or “comprehension” level) they’ll opt to watch and virtually memorize the better quality one over the herkey-jerkey, bobble-cam under dim makeup lights at the bathroom sink one.

      Refer to the same apples and oranges to which I’m referring, not something I didn’t particularly stress. While background isn’t mission critical, being a “professional” you might find it in your power to at least admit that choice of background MIGHT have some bearing on the overall production quality of a video. Right?

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      I am not alone in saying this – Content is KING!

      Whether it be a web page, video or print magazine.

      If you have something unique, folks will look past production values (to a point).

      Don’t get me wrong – you should aim for the highest quality you can deliver but if you don’t have something folks want to watch, your high quality video will get three viewers. Pseudo had it right!

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      Grinner Hester

      Earl, I was with ya. Just saying she may wanna skip the overhead and time of making videos when so many are willing to send em in to her. Quality of thes clips in no way matters. Content does.

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