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      How can I make the person in my video clip in color and the background in black and white. I have adobe premiere and after effects. Thanks for any help!

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      Sounds like a job for chromakey. Shoot your subject in front of a green screen. In post production, use your editor’s chromakey function to add a black&white image to the background.

      (Search this forum for “green screen” or “chromakey” to get tips on how to do this.


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      If you have already filmed your footage, and don’t mind taking a good amount of time, you can accomplish this effect using AE. Create an adjustment layer, desaturate, then make a mask over your person. The background will have no color, while everything in your mask will be unaffected.

      However, the greenscreen way will save you lots of time and frustration.

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      I have done this in Sony’s Vegas (I did it in version six but this works in all). Most NLE’s should be able to handle this.

      You use a technique called rotoscoping which is described above for AE. It is a time consuming process (you probably don’t need masks for all frames but you will for a number of them – figure an average of about 7 or 8 per second which comes out to every three or four frames for NTSC). I have done this and it really is simple but tedious.

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      Rotoscoping would work but will take forever, After Effects CS4 would make this much easier, but it can be done with two copies of the video and a Track Matte Key applied to one along with keyframing a matte. Still a lot of work but it is very doable 🙂

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      If you are using After Effects first create a composition with the preset of your choice. You can select layer/new layer or use the keyboard shortcuts Cmnd/Y or Control Y, then click ok to create a solid. In order to see multiple colors on a layer you need to first apply a texture. I found the following information and guidance really helpful when I started to use different colour effect backgrounds.

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