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      Hello, everybody.
      Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

      I’ve shot my sister’s wedding and now want to make it a 3D film (kind of a home-made 3D blockbuster). Someone recommended to use After Effects, but it seems difficult for me
      (maybe just need good advice?). Also on some forum I came across a video
      converter that is said to transform any video to anaglyph (called 3D Video Converter). Does anyone use this software? If not then can you please give me some advice with After Effects? I need it urgently. Thanks

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      If I were curious about something like this and knew a source to go to to download and test I’d do that. Seems like a legitimate site, so far as I can tell, although I have limited expertise in searching out the details and a whois look only proves it was registered through GoDaddy and the real registrant has used privacy restrictions to prevent me knowing more. Still … I might ask around a bit about such things, but I will usually do my OWN testing and evaluation, HAVE TO, in the end so far as functionality and capabilities go.

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      Watching the sample (lions) video I think I see what they’re doing. Are you seeing what I see? It seems that the anaglyph relates to movement, as if one channel is merely shifted by a few frames.

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      “I’ve shot my sister’s wedding and now want to make it a 3D film (kind of
      a home-made 3D blockbuster). Someone recommended to use After Effects,
      but it seems difficult for me….”


      You don’t need AFX to make your video into an Anaglyph. If you planned on doing any compositing or motion graphics intended for 3D effect in said video, then you would just work with the portions you needed to, not the entire film.

      All you need is a decent Non-linear Editing Program like Premiere Pro, Vegas, FCP or any other NLE that allows you to use more than one track, overlay video tracks and set transparency. I recently wrote an article on the basics for making 3D films. Right off the bat, if you didn’t shoot it with 3d in mind, no software solution is going to make it look like great 3D. Read the article, it will help point you in the right direction.

      The Basics of 3D Video

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      There are plug-ins you can find on the web. I know there is one for final cut pro.

      The plugin works ok. But its not going to look great. For best results try and adjust each clip independently with the plug-in.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I once use an After Effects plugin which “converted” any footage to 3D Anaglyph. I don’t remember the name of that plugin and I don’t have it anymore (upgrade from CS4 to CS5 and it got removed) sorry.

      Editing in 3D gave me a huge headache, but I remember that particles looked super cool and they actually “went out of the computer monitor”. The distance depended on how much I separated the red and cyan colors.

      I found an After Effects tutorial (Create optimized anaglyph in After Effects) on how to make 3D with built in effects. Be aware that the rendering times will be twice longer in 3D.

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      Great thanks to all for your replies!

      composite1, I will definitely read your article on the basics of 3D video, thanks for the link

      timtrott, I also watched their video with lions converted to anaglyph, watched it in red-blue glasses. Going to test that program on my video, just out of curiosity.

      Oyana Beasley, thanks, will try it

      Sargehero, thanks a lot for AE tutorial! it obviously will be a headache for me but I must succeed with my 3D film)

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      I also shot a wedding in 3D with a 3d camcorder.

      the software i use is Magix pro 17. but it only creates 3D anaglyhp Optimized, not full color.

      I use photoshop to create full color 3D photos.

      furthermore i then went to an apple store and the process i do in photoshop i can do in final cut pro and motion.

      instead of getting the final cut suite, i’m waiting to see if apples new final cut x has this feature. plus its only $300 versus $1000.

      i heard roxio can create RealD 3DTV, but isn’t always recognized. I also read that Sony Vegas Pro ($500) makes 3DTV discs. so like u, i’m stuck. hate to spend more on software i aint sure will work.

      let us know if u find something that works (full color anaglyph and RealD 3DTV capable)

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      FYI Sony lets you download 30 day full trial version of Vegas to test drive before buying.

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      I am using the Sony-HDR TD20V video camera for 3D / 2D recording and the Power Director 12 Ultra for the editing. It can render anaglyph as well as several variations of real 3D (full colour) output which can be viewed on a 3D Tv / monitor.


      Power Director 12 3D facilities are as follows:

      • * 2D to 3D: convert 2D videos and photos to 3D
      • * 3D titles: add 3D title design to your video creation
      • * 3D transition: apply 3D transition effects
      • * 3D menus: add 3D menus to your Blu-ray, DVD and AVCHD discs


      More info available at

      Sony HDR-TD20V

      Sony HDR-TD20V

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      Could you tell me the format of your video? I know Pavtube 3D Video Converter  that support to output with SBS 3D,  

      T/B 3D and anaglyph 3D. I really appreciate its fast conversion speed and good output video quality. You can download the free version to have a try.

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