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      I am just an aspiring video enthusiast, who reads all kinds of stuff online and just wondered what this meant:

      I saw a film/video contest where the general entry rules were

      3. How to Enter:

      Step 1. Read ALL the Rules & Guidelines.
      Step 2. Fill out and submit the online form.
      Step 3. Follow the instructions to submit your work via URL, FTP, or mail-in CD or miniDV tape.

      Please DO NOT send us DVDs. DVDs will NOT be accepted.

      ..just what makes a video on a disc a "mail-in CD" type, as opposed to being a DVD that you had made by shooting the footage, editing it with an NLE, and putting the final product on a blank DVD?

      Thanks in advance. I’m a very novice novice, if you know what I mean. I just read when I can.. which isn’t as much as I’d like. I do want to tackle making good video eventually. I am actually only at the researching/planning stages for a business proposal to get the equipment to even get started learnign this stuff. I may ask "stupid" questions often.. sry.. But site/forums/magazine kicks ass for sure thanks for helping others (especially get started) with video! πŸ˜€

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      Very strange instructions. πŸ˜• A contest I’m about to enter has somewhat (but not identical) recommendations for submission.
      They don’t want regular MPEG2-style DVDs. The reason is that the movie is too highly compressed for them to make a good copy for theater projection. They say to send in a miniDV tape, or a data-DVD or data-CD with uncompressed AVI or QuickTime file.

      But the instructions for your contest say no DVD, but CD is OK. I think a data-CD might hold 4 or 5 minutes of uncompressed AVI. Fine if the contest is for very short movies. But why ban DVDs? Maybe they think people won’t know what a data-DVD is, and will send in MPEG2 DVDs. But suggesting you send in the address of a website or FTP site….that would usually be for highly compressed media. VERY STRANGE.

      Hey, I’ve got it! They’re trying to restrict you to short, compressed movies. Yeah! Uh…except a miniDV tape can hold an hour of uncompressed movie. Now I’m REALLY confused. :'(

      Maybe you should send them an email an ask why the ban on DVDs.
      Ken Hull

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      Ken Wrote:

      Fine if the contest is for very short movies.

      Thanks for your insight Ken.. The contest actually is for a five minute long, (or less), film/video. It’s here

      I think I will ask them when I get a good chance, lol. πŸ™‚

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      That’s the one of the most stupid things I’ve heard. I suspect that they don’t want to go through the trouble of having to rip the DVD and then converting to a another format….but what’s wrong with a data DVD?

      watever…it’s your world…I just live in it X-D

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      Well I haven’t recieved a reply back so far. oh well

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