mAh (Milliampre Hour)- what is a good rating?

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      mAh (Milliampre Hour)- what is a good rating?
      I have a Panasonic PV-GS150. My battery is 1150 mAh. It is 7.2V. The battery holds a charge for around 1 hour or 1.5 at most.

      Does anyone know the conversion rate (or equation) to figure out the amout of time the battery will last? I have been doing some research on the internet and basically the only answer I have gotten difinitively answered is that "The higher the mAh, the longer the battery holds its charge."

      I have been looking on Ebay for some batteries and I have been going based on this previous assesment of mAh to charge life is proportional.
      My problem is that while I am looking for a high mAh battery I don’t know exactly or even vaguely how long the charge life is.
      2100 mAh. SUre that is a high number but how long is the charge?
      I assume that since my battery is 1150 mAh at 1.5 hour charge, 2100 would be about 2.1 hours but I don’t think that is quite accurate.

      Please help.

      I have a sony DCR VX2000 that I need to buy a high capacity battery for and the same question is coming up. I found some batteries with 6800 mAh storage capacity but will that be enough for this camera? I have to video some important events that may last longer than an hour.

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      Your concern is a good one. The information about a higher mAh rating having more charge holding power is also correct.

      The real answer all depends on how you use your camera. If you leave it on a lot in between actual shooting, will there be a lot of zooming of which the servo draws power from, do you use the view finder or the LCD screen, are you running any other add-on attachments… all of these will change the amount of time your battery will last.

      If I may give you one suggestion… don’t worry about how a particular battery will last for they last as long as they are designed for. If you are serious or worried about battery life, you want to get several batteries and keep them with you as back up if needed. I would NEVER show up at an event with one battery. I usually carry two of the largest size they make for each camera. That’s close to 10 hours worth of power per camera. I’ve never shot that much at one time but if I knew going in that it could be a long day, I would also bring in my charger and alternate batteries as I go by throwing them on a charger in between use.

      Trying to nail down how long a battery will last is hard to do. All you can get is a rough estimation.


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      The wise and noble RAM has given wie advice. Tis best to hed his words 😛

      Okay, but seriously, good stuff. As far as a 6800mAh battery serving your needs, I have 7500mAh battery in my laptop, and it lasts me almost two hours.

      Get several big batteries if you can. The more the merrier. As far as how long they last, tht really depends on how you use your camera. The LCD panel sucks way more power than the viewfinder. Zoom motors and autofocus suck down the battery life too. And which camera you have also counts. The same battery fits on several cameras. On some, it might last one hour while on another camera, you can easily get two hours out.

      Every mAh is the same amount of power. It’s not like decibles, or other similar designations, where the further you go, the less difference they make. What I’m saying is that a 2000mAh battery is exactly twice as powerful as a 1000mAh battery.

      Theoretically, in your case, if the average life of your 1150mAh battery is one hour, to find the length a battery will theoretically operate, just take the battery’s mAh rating, divided by 1150, the amount of power your camera consumes in an hour.

      Therefore, for the 6,800mAh battery you mentioned, you take 6800 / 1150, and the result is appx. 5.9, meaning that the way you currently use your camera, you will be just shy of 6 hours of use on this camera.

      And again, this all depends on the type of use you put your camera up against. Your camera might consume 1150mAh when you’re viewing a well-lit scene through the viewfinder, but when it’s time to film a dim church, where the camera has to work harder, and you use the LCD screen, your usage might jump up to 1600.

      As a rule of thumb, If the battery I buy advertises 8 hour battery life, I assume it will last 4.

      I’ve never missed a good shot because I had too much backup power.

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