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      OK so i’m relaly stuck and thought i’d try out this forum.. hi everyone!

      Basically i’ll start with a bit of an explanation. My best friend loves making movies of all our parties and meetings etc and i thought that for christmas i’d make (using Magix movie edit pro 2005) a DVD of all his videos all professionaly done so he can watch them on the TV instead of on the computer. I’ve used this program to make videos before but i’ve never used the DVD meny bit.

      So, i found putting an intro clip and a background image nice and easy. I found the ‘DVD Navigation Structure’ menu on the right and thought it all seemed straightforward. But then i ran into some trouble.

      Basically i want to put a collection of about 10 videos that you can select which one you want to watch first. But i cannot for the life of me work out how to get more than one video! All i can do is make one video that can be selected. I cant work out how to get more than one. For example, i want the menu to show little thumbnails with ‘Holiday video, somebodys party, etc. But i can’t see an option anywhere for putting in more than one video.

      I’m sure there is something really simple but you know what its like when you just can’t find it!

      Help ASAP!

      Merry Christmas everyone!

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      Open up all 10 movies in MEP. When you have one movie open, and then go to open a second, you’ll be asked if you want to close the first movie…just say “no” and continue. Do the same for the remaining 8 movies. Voila, you will have 10 movies open in MEP.

      If all of the movies have been rendered to .avi files (i.e. the Magix project files no longer exist to be ‘opened’) then you can just create 1 new ‘movie’ and add all 10 avi files to the timeline…with a chapter marker at the start of each avi file.

      Then go to make a DVD. If you have 10 movies open you’ll now notice that you havetenicons on your DVD menu (or maybe less, but if all ten don’t show then there will be a second ‘page’ to your DVD menu with the remaining movies). If you go the 10 avi files on one timeline then you’ll have one icon but can add a sub-menu with 10 chapter markers.

      When you are happy with your menu design, chose File &save your menu design so that you can come back later and load/modify it. Next time you come into MEP, to work on the project, return to the disk editor and ‘load’ the project…MEP will load your menu, as well as all 10 movies. Make your changes and save again.

      If you want to edit a single movie…just open that movie and make your changes…no need to have all 10 movies open if you are just

      Burn and enjoy.

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      Oh, and for more dedicated support, there are a bunch of helpful MEP usersat the “New Dog Digital Support Forum”, an unofficial support group for Magix’s video editor:

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