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      HELP!!! I am using a Canon HV 20 camera (and I love it) and a NXG 569v HD (as a pocket camera). The videos are fine. I edit with MAGIX edit pro 14, and, for the most part that’s OK. I am using a HP PC (with added RAM). My problem is in using the MAGIX to make HD HDV disk. I am never successful in making a HD DVD… The program does its think and will state that the process was “successful” but in putting the disk in the DVD player (OR PC) there’s nothing. I have tried it on both a XP and a VISTA PC. HELP!!!

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      What settings are you using?

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      Thanks for answering! Much appreciated. I have tried it in all formats:WMV HD, HD DVD, and so on, and I have tried it using a menu (and that does not work with any menu), and without a menu. I am using HP Pavilion PCs; one with an XP and the other with VISTA. Does one need a special HD DVD disk drive?

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      So you are saying when you try to burn the disc it just sits there and does nothing? What kind of DVD drive do you have? Are you making it 16:9? Do you have enough hard drive space to generate the file to make the dvd?

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      I have enough space. The VISTA PC was oredered specifically to do videos. The program goes through the routine and woudl suggest that it is doing what it is suppose to do. After what seems like hours, when it is finish, it will state the the burning was successful. The disk, howver, has nothing on it that can be read by either a PC or a HD DVD player. I can’t help but feel that there is something that i have overlooked. I don’t mind admitting that I am not PC literate, so, please, talk down to me and I wont believe that you are patronizing me. Thanks again.

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      If it will help. I am trying to make a disk of this video (The original WMV version, of course) which was shot with a Canon HV20. I have since re format to MPG (as the manual suggested) and still with the same result:
      The neighborhood book store. from Microdac on Vimeo

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      Are you registered with Magix? There are a couple of articles in their support area on HDV and burning issues.

      Go to the above site and look up your issue. But from what you have said so far it may be a Vista problem or an issue with your dvd burner. Sounds like MEP is trying to make the disc but nothing is getting written to the dvd.

      i. Make sure that the camera is set to HDV and not DV mode
      ii. Make sure that the iLink conversion is not set to HDV to DV
      ii. If you have Vista, try capture with the preview deactivated.

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      BURNING: I have problems burning discs.

      If you are having problems burning discs, below are some possible causes and solutions. Please scan through these to see if your problem could be covered. If it is not, please fill out an email support request with a detailed description of the problem including any error messages.


      Please download and install the latest update:

      Click “Help” then “online update” or download the patch from our support website.(MEP12)

      NOTE 1: If you left the DVDs to burn long enough, and try it on a DVD player, you will pobably find it burnt fine.

      NOTE 2: If you canceled the burn be sure, when it pops up, to choose the option “Encode” when you next burn.


      If you get error messages like “Preprocessing of media & menus failed” or “Menu rendering failed”, and you have a AMD 64 bit processor, then you could try and install a Ligos encoder update.

      This is available at the link below:


      Error in MPEG Encoder Parameters exceed MPEG standard specification. Sample rate (picture_width*picture_height*frame_rate) is greater than permitted in specified Level.

      It could be that encoder settings got corrupted. The solution is a simple one however:

      EVERY TIME you burn just go into “Encoder settings” on the final burn screen then “Advanced” settings and just check that the video format is NTSC. Just by checking, will reset the program, and ensure the burn is correct.

      I would also suggest burning at the lowest speed possible.


      You could try and download the latest MAGIX burn routines to better communicate to burning hardware. You can download them from the site below:

      1. Click “Downloads”
      2. Click “TOOLS”
      3. Click “Latest Burnroutines”
      4. Download.
      5. Please deactivate all Magix programs and any other programs (eg Virus scanner) running in the background.
      6. Install by double-clicking on the file.
      5. Reboot your PC.


      It is possible that there is a conflict with other manufactures software. This is common with applications that use UDF Packet Writing as a sub program or utility.

      What does a UDF packet writer do:

      This type of program allows you to drag & drop files to an installed CD burning icon and treat a blank CD-R/RW disc like it was a giant floppy disc.

      The problems with these driver utility files are that they constantly run in the background (from Windows Startup), use and can alter, augment, or replace the resources (drivers, DLL, INI, and INF) that other software will need to use. The UDF drivers reside in the high memory of a computer system and cannot be disabled. They need to be removed from startup at very least.

      MAGIX does not employ the use of UDF drivers, therefore we require Windows to be correctly configured with all its necessary protocols. The main protocol necessary for native burning with a Windows computer and MAGIX software is a protocol called the ASPI. It is necessary that ASPI is installed, and running properly for the MAGIX software to communicate with the burner. This again will be a problem if other burning software uses UDF Packet Writing, as it will temporarily overwrite the ASPI with a proprietary version (at the computers startup) that cannot communicate with MAGIX software.

      ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) is a method that programs use to transfer data to and from drives. Although originally designed for SCSI drives, it is actually required for non-SCSI devices too, as well as being useful for accurate DVD and CD burning/ripping. To insure you have the latest ASPI you can download it from the original developer (Adaptec).

      Back to the possible cause of the burning issue:

      UDF-driver/Programs such as the ones below may be conflicting with your MAGIX software:

      Adaptec/Roxio – DirectCD (Drag-to-Disc)
      Sonic – Record Now
      CeQuadrant PacketCD
      Prassi abCD
      Guttenberg VirtualCD
      Ahead/Nero InCD
      NTI FileCD

      If you have one or more of these utility protocols running, you will either need to remove it (not the entire program, just the UDF portion) from the system or attempt to locate the offending protocol in MSCONFIG Startup and disable it from running in the future.

      The “MSCONFIG” program deactivates/activates auto-starting entries in your Windows system.

      1. To start the program click “start” (bottom left corner of screen)
      2. Click “Run”
      3. Type in MSCONFIG and click “OK”
      4. Click on “Startup”
      3. Now you will see a list of all programs that are started automatically
      4. If you have Windows 95 or 98 or ME make sure to NOT deactivate the
      following: ScanRegistry ,TaskMonitor, SystemTray, PCHealth and LoadPowerProfile
      5. Otherwise all the programs can be removed even if they sound important e.g. printer monitors, scanner programs, Office-start, Indexer, USB devices, sound card accessories. Please note: you can always reactivate these programs if you find they are needed for something specific or after you have finished a “Video Editing Session”
      6. NOTE: I would NOT remove antivirus or other security programs), but if for any reason you do deactivate your Virus scanner or other security programs, please make sure you do not connect to the Internet before reactivating them.
      7. Click “Apply” and then “Close”
      8. For these changes to take effect you must reboot your computer.


      It may also help to update the firmware of your burner too. This will allow the latest protocols of the hardware to be used and possibly avoid potential problems. To locate the firmware updates for your hardware you will need to contact the manufacture of the burner or if this is a name brand computer you can contact that manufacture for updates.

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      THANKS!!!!!! You are amazing. Life would be so much easier if you worked with MAGIX. Have you expose them to your expertise? Surely, they would be better off having you as their USA expert. Anyway, I will be studying every word you suggested and, again, thanks a million. Now, What can Microdac do to further your kindness?

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      If they would let me work from home, I’d jump on it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      J. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      I like the Book Store video you did, did you edit that with Magix?

      What can you do for me? Just keep the Magix flowing! ๐Ÿ˜€


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      Thanks J. I work from home and I love it. Maybe someone (me) should make the suggestion to MAGIX. Yes. I edit all my movies with MAGIX. I love that software. My only problem is making HD DVDs and with your help, maybe that is a problem regulated to the past. Thanks again friend!

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      No problem friend, I hope it works out for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yeah, mention it! LOL Who knows, I’d love to help out Magix. ๐Ÿ˜€


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