Macrosystem Casablanca S-4100 for sale

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      Super nice loaded Casablanca S-4100 (Pro Model) for sale.

      It includes: Hardware unit, Blu-ray burner, pro keyboard, trackball, and a ton of software (96% of all current software programs). A total value of $7,200.00.

      Easy to learn & use. Broadcast quality video. Capture, edit, & export in a large array of HD & SD formats. Ideal for schools, churches, production houses,independent film makers etc.

      Mint condition. Low operatinghours.
      Only: $3,850.00. An additional $100 or so for shipping depending on location.

      Contact: Joel Brooks at: 817-771-8347 or

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      What are you switching to?  Or just upgrading?

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      Love Casablanca. Upgrading.

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