MacPro don’t work with the SD cards?

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      I’m thinking of Purchasing thePanasonic AG-HMC150 It uses SD cards. Question, I’ve read that “MacPro does not work with the SD”True or False?

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      I dont see why transferring data from an SD card to a Mac would be a problem. It’s just a file transfer. What may be a problem is the AVCHD codec that the HMC150 records. Some NLEs may not support that codec.

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      The current issue of MacWorld, in a review/comparison of tapless high def cameras, pg. 34, Nov. 2008, mentions Canon’s HF10 & HV30; JVC’s GZ-HD5; Sanyo’s VPC-HD1010; and Sony’s HDR-SR11; even the $180 FlipMino, but NOT the Panasonic AG-HMC 150.

      Regarding the models the article DOES mention, MacWorld says “What we learned…is that the compatibility of most tapeless camcorders with Apple software such as Final Cut Pro, iMovie or QuickTime, is a work in progress.”

      The article also noted that a large number of these camcorder models acquire footage in AVCHD, developed by Panasonic and Sony, and based on MPEG-4/H.264 AVC codec. Others use proprietary, MPG4/H264, but not AVCHD. Yet others use MPEG-2 TS compression. It’s a mixed bag, according to MW.

      Although even iMovie ’08 will edit HD footage, you wont get the best quality because the software converts each clip to a smaller, more manageable size.

      Possible good news: although your Panasonic model isn’t specifically mentioned, the article notes that SD card files CAN be transferred to the Mac using a card reader, in some cases, but does not specifically indicate AVCHD. I think I read somewhere recently, however, that AVCHD is either now, or soon will be an editable format on FCP.

      Of the models reviewed MW rated the Sony HDR-SR11 the highest of the tapeless cameras, and the Canon HV30 (using MiniDV tape) also received the same rating although it isn’t a dedicated tapeless acquisition format and shoots REAL High Def, not the more highly compressed AVCHD.

      Finally, and are good sources of information regarding tapeless camcorders. Hope some of this info helps you find the answers.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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