MacBookPro 17″ and Vegas Pro 9 laptop in one Future Buy…..

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      John here,

      So, i have come to a delema, i have read alot of posts on what is the best computer or laptop, who has the best software for editing, and if to build or buy…. I’ve got some money coming later down the road and i want to get a very powerful laptop for video editing.I am looking into an investment that needs to last me 5 to 6 years and is software upgradable. what i want to get is the 17″ macbookpro with the max settings and a 256gb SSD or bigger when available. And add the 24″ LED cinema display!

      From what i have been hearing, Macs have the best hardware that will make it last a very long time, even people out there still own a Powerbook G3 300mhz for web surfing and doc programs. (sorry i still own one and it works great!!) Macs are even alot better in this era of handling Virus’s to eleminate them. They are utilized in creating Web sites, Animations, Grafix designs, and Video production.

      Video Editing software I love using is Sony Vegas Pro 6 thru 8 and am wanting to move to 9. Although vegas is on a Windows PC, I still use a Athlon XP 2500+ computer with vegas and have not been able to upgrade my computer yet. I enjoy using a Macfor everything else and using windows for editing videos. What i want to do is get a Mac thats maxed on hardware and do the duel boot to windows, all on one computer and is very portable to video shoots and coffee shops. I am willing to learn FCP or Adobe premiere pro but dont want to yet.

      What I am asking is getting an Apple and doing the duel boot thing to windows for editng on,is this agreat idea or is it a waste of money? Would you get this setup if you have 60 thousand pennies sitting around? Am I a crazy person who is dreaming of a dream machine? Will Sony give up and make Vegas compatible for Mac’s? Is Pepsi ever going to release Pepsi One back to the market in 20 oz. bottles ever? Does anyone Have any suggestions on what i should do? and last, Am i a weird person who just hoped into a Forum, on what i am wanting to do for the rest of my life as a great career? Let me know!! Oh, check out my “about me” info if you want.

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      i forgot to mention that i want to record to a JVC GY-HM100 Video Camera as my primary camera!! that is also what i want to get also, I’ll ask down the road about it later!


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      Hello! I own a Mac Pro (the newest generation). This is my first mac, and I am amazed by it. I did use Sony Vegas Pro 8 before my old pc died, so I bought the mac. The Windows 7 Release Candidate came out a few weeks ago, so I downloaded that, burned it to a dvd, and installed it using boot camp. It works perfectly! I have also downloaded the trial of Sony Vegas Pro 9, and I have to say it’s not too much different except for a few things. There are a few new effects, the gradient wipe has been revamped and is amazing, and it works much better than Pro 8. Pro 8 was laggy for me because I am using the 64-bit version of windows 7, and Pro 9 lets you choose which version to download – 32-bit or 64-bit.

      I hope I didn’t bore ya too much there. =P I would say go for it. Vegas Pro is definitely the way to go until you go pro; then there aren’t enough features to get you higher. Mac is definitely the way to go, with Final Cut Studio. Message me if you ahve any questions, or email me at:

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