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      I am new to this field of video production so I apologize in advance for my stupid questions (I’m climbing the curve – so to speak). I will be shooting & editing video for a cooking class. I need to purchase both the video equipment and editing equipment.

      Question for the experts out there: Should I go with a Mac set up or a PC set up. I have heard that Mac has the edge on video production ease and use. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

      Also if you want to throw in any comments about camcorder selection that would be great also. I will be shooting people doing food preparation – indoors and occassionally outdoors. The quality needs to be good enough for editing and distribution. There is a wide price range out there so I need some direction. I don’t want to over buy but want good enough quality to edit and be able to redistribute the copies.

      I am climbing this vertical learning curve and really appreciate anyone giving me a boost.

      Thanks Much,


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      For your camera, go with either the Canon GL2 or the Canon XL2. The lens has a flourite quality in it that will make colors pop and enhance the sharpness, perfect for filming food.

      As for the editing equipment, you can do what you want but if I were you I’d go for a PC turnkey-based system made for either Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas.

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      OK Video it’s me again! Hey I got a question. What’s the difference between PC video editing and a Turnkey System!

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