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      It’s an old debate, but one that I still feel stuck with.

      I’m looking to buy a new desktop or laptop for video editing. I graduated a few years ago from a video production program. And I’ve been doing freelance camera work. I’m pretty familiar with Premire and I’ve used some Avid. So I’m not a newcomer to video production.

      What I need now is a system where I can edit my own projects, video and animation, and burn them onto DVD. And I have a budget of about $1,500. I’ve seen plenty of PC based systems with video input cards. But should I avoid the PC in favor of a Mac? Or does it really matter that much today? It looks like I can get more “bang for the buck” with a PC. But I don’t want to regret the decision a year from now.

      Any advice is appreciated.

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      I am in the market for a new computer.
      I want it for everyday use and a platform for begining video production.
      I own a small talent agency and need to respond to potential customers with promotional materials. Video and/or audio examples etc.
      I will be shooting short video,s of performers in action and duplicating promotional material.

      I am leaning towards the new I mac G5 20′ with 1gig ram and an external HDD and an all in one printer.
      It seems to fit my app. and easy to use and learn and grow on.

      I have never used any NLE software before but have experience in Audio and video.

      I am tired of using windows PC,s seems I spend more time preparing them to do a job than actually doing the work.
      Any feedback,people using mac,s especially new Imac would be appreciated.

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      If your goal is to buy a new computer and use it just for creating “basic” digital media projects – Graphics, Video, DVD Authoring, etc. then the new Macs come with all the software you need and are indeed a reasonable solution.

      On the other hand, if you are a long time PC user and would like to stay with the PC platform, you can find reasonably priced machines that will fit the bill as well. They are not usually bundled with the software you need for editing, and DVD Authoring though – sometimes you can find this in the Sony VAIO line. When doing the math of PC vs Mac, make sure you include the software expenditure for the PC vs using iLife04 which comes bundled with all Macs.

      I am an idependent producer using both Macs and PCs. Although my mainstay editing program is Final Cut Pro, if you look at the trade Mags. you might be surprised to see how many small independts use iMovie and iDVD for various projects.

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      With a 17 inch powerbook you can dump right into the computer, edit on final cut pro and make a DVD all in one laptop, real easy, no crashing, no fuss.

      As for these folks that try to tell you a windows computer is cheaper:

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      I’m new to the video editing world, I have a camera (canon XL2) and I want to buy a new computer to edit my videos, I want to produce some DVDs for some friends (about 1 hour of video), I currently have a few Dell precision workstations and the most powerful one has 2GB of memory and a dual PIII 933mhz and 3 SCSI HD.

      I was looking at 2 new machines (dual g5 2.5 with 4GB of memory and a Nvidia card ultra DDL with 256MB of video memory) and a (PC with Dual P4 Xeon 3.6mhz with 4GB of memory and a Nvidia FX 3400 video card) both computers are running around 10k.

      I just selected the best configuration possible but I don’t know if I need all that, I don’t have a problem buying the computer, but I don’t want to wast money ider.

      Can anybody setup a perfect computer configuration that I could buy, I don’t care if it is a Mac or PC, I just don’t want to spend 1ok if I can do the job well done with 5k.

      i work with graphics but never done video, I have no idea if the 4GB of Ram is enough or to much and all that stuuf..


      Thank you very much.

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