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      Is anyone here using a mac mini for editing? My school has both single 1.8 and dual 2.0 G5 with up to a2 gigs of ram. I was looking at all the specs with DVD Studio Pro and FCP and a 1.4 processor with a gig of ram will run both of them fine. I just wanted some user feedback.

      Does anyone use a powerbook or an iBook? That’s basically the same thing as a mini.

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      I use FCP 4.5 on my mini, and it runs great. The mini is a workhorse. I use it to encode a lot of video. Overnight (12+ hour encoding jobs do just fine, and the amazing thing is that this beast does not overheat. I have a 1.42 G4 in the mini with 512 pc3200 ram. I would say definatly give it a try, it’s cheap and works well for editing. FCP actually works much smoother on the mini than iMovie does. Let me know how you like it.

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