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      I recently had a storage drive crash.

      Seagate 1TB 32MB cache.

      I went to many computer fix-it places. None of them worked with the Mac File System and didn’t have the software tools to even help with a diagnostic.

      I looked in the Disk Utilities and saw that Mac gives the option to format for either

      (Journaled HFS+)


      (MS Dos)

      Would formating for MS Dos slow anything down? I think it would be better if I have any drive issues in the future if it was formatted for MS Dos.


      The fact that the drive wasn’t for formatted for something MS techies could use wasn’t an issue since the drive physically crashed. I have to send it to Data retrieval.

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      If you are formatting a hard drive on a mac, you want to chose Mac OS Extended in disc utility.

      If you’re trying to restore your crashed hard drive, look into purchasing Disk Warrior.

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      Unfortunately, my disk is physically gone. It just clicks and twitches. I’ve taken it to my computer guy (as well as a couple others for 2nd opinions) There is no possible way to access the data without further damaging the platters. I have to send it to data recovery where they have to use a clean room and physically remove the platters and access them.

      Unfortunately this is going to cost a pretty penny but hopefully my business insurance will cover it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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