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       I recorded a seminar last weekend with about 17 hours of total footage.  I had to offload the files as my cards filled up as I usually don’t fill up the 5 32GB cards I do have during a wedding which is what I primarily do.  ,Doing this to my Windows laptop I was able to use Sony’s recording unit software to stitch the files into larger continuous files, some of them about 22GB in size.  These size files work just fine on my PC for editing.

      The client wanted the raw footage to edit themselves (to be honest I am not sure I would want the task to cut this seminar up myself anyhow πŸ˜‰ ).  I was given a hard drive to transfer the files to – and being that the client uses a Mac – it was pre-formatted in Fat32 on his Mac.   Now when I tried to copy my footage over from my PC, it gets stuck at the large files and cannot copy them over.  If I were to reformat this drive as NTFS, would the Mac still be able to use this hard drive?

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    Luis Oscar MaymiLuis Oscar Maymi

    To read NTFS on Mac I use a program (more like a plugin) called NTFS-3G from Tuxera. It works pretty good and your client should not have any problem transferring the footage from a NTFS formatted drive. Every Mac user should have the NTFS-3G plugin install in their computer just in case and the plugin is open source (Free).

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    Ugh, sorry for all the blankness above. Apparently this site is not very compatible with the new Internet Explorer.

    Thanks for the info. Can you write to the drive as well for editing?

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    Luis Oscar MaymiLuis Oscar Maymi

    Yes, you can read and write, but is not as fast as a drive formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Not that much difference, but at least it works with Windows and Mac.

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