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      Hey y’all
      My 24p HD camera is on the way but i only have final cut express HD. Final cut express HD does not do 24p.
      i do not want to spend $1200 bucks for final cut studio.
      There must be a alternative on the mac platform.
      i’ve tried to get final cut 4.5 hd on ebay but if i do it’ll probably have problems with the latest hd cameras so i’m kind of hesitant.
      Any Ideas

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      You’ve moved to a top dollar format (HD 24p), why not an edit suite to match? Final Cut Pro is a budget solution.

      -andrew @ videomaker

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      What HD camera are you using?

      I know with SD, the Canon XL2 records at 24p, but has a 2:3:3 or so pulldown, so you can edit it just like 30p.

      Someone here must know what I’m talking about?

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      i have a canon hv20 coming in to do my next youtube project and i also plan on getting a xh a1 for my 50th birthday.
      after which i’ll sell the hv20.
      i can’t believe there is no other program doing anything on mac.
      Two programs i started on over 20 years ago
      Audio – Motu Performer.
      Video – Adobe Premiere.
      Where is premiere for mac?????????????
      What about avid is it cheaper than final cut.
      Oh yeah i ruled ot the XL2 because the xh a1 is only about $500 more

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