MA-300 and phantom power

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      I have a Canon GL2 on which I installed a MA-300 adapter for XLR mics. As there is no phantom power with that unit, and because I need it to power my AT4073a mike, I though about plugging in a small phantom power supply like the Denecke PS1A

      Now, will that work, or will the signal coming from the Denecke fry the MA-300? I dont know if a phantom-powered signal can get through the MA-300. would it make more sense to forget the MA-300 altogether and buy a Beachtek with phantom power supply?


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      It’s probably easier to have the adapter and phantom all in one unit.

      For XLR to camcorder adapters with phantom power supply that also connect to your camcorder, you can use: – new unit called DXA6A – includes preamp. Also options for 4 XLR input channels

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