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      Hi All,

      I’m sratting to convert 380 GB of m2ts files for Final Cut Pro through iSkysoft iMedia Converter. It takes extremely long time to complete. For example, 30 GB of m2ts file transfering for FCP takes over 24 hour. Moreover, converted quality also not good even setting in highest quality. (unacceptable quality for professional).

      I don’t want to use FCP and iMovie for transfering because of taking many spaces and time-consuming too.
      <span class=”text_exposed_show” style=”display: inline;”>I record for my documentry film with AG – HMC 41E (AVCHD)

      Please advice me to solve this problem. And please recommend me too the best software to transfer m2ts file for FCP. I will make a documentary film for various film festival. I am in the post production now.</span>

      <span class=”text_exposed_show” style=”display: inline;”>Thanks,</span>

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      AVCHD is a highly compressed LGOP (Long Group Of Pictures)format. An explanation that was given to me by a Panasonic Tech at a video equipment show last year ran like this.

      The format uses frame 1 as master. Frames 2-15 aredata onlyof the differences from them to frame 1 master. Frame 16 becomes a new frame 1 master for the next group, and so on.

      He further explained that 60 seconds of a sunset with a fixed position camera would be a much smaller file than 60 seconds of a busy intersection because of the massive data difference between the two scenes. This makes AVCHD a very processor/memoryintensive format to natively edit.

      With that said, any converting or trans-coding of AVCHD creates a file 7-14 times larger than the originalbased on the transfer codec chosen. Depending on your computer system thiscan take some time and major storage space.

      That explains a little about why your converting takes so long and creates suchlarge files. I am not a Mac user but I understand FCP wants to work with ProRes (422) format rather easily so you mightwant to look in that direction for a trans-code program. There are many Mac users here that might have input on which to use.

      I am sure that if any information here is in error, others will contribute to correct it.

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