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      Hello forum,

      I googled for hours, but I couldn’t find a solution πŸ™ πŸ™

      I got some big problems with Adobe Premiere Pro cs6, I can’t open any video in M2T or MOV.

      When I try to import an M2T Movie, the Message “a generic error occured” shows up. (Media Info says at this files:

      “Format: MPEG-TS
      Format : MPEG Video
      Format-Version : Version 2
      Format-Profil : Main@High “

      And the worst problem, I can’t even open MOV files, and I allready installed the latest Quick-Time 7…

      Media Info says:

      “Format : MPEG Video
      Format_Commercial_IfAny : HDV 1080p
      Format-Version : Version 2
      Format-Profil : Main@High 1440″

      when I import these files, there is only audio, but no video in premiere :/

      Can anyone help? Thanks a lot in advance.

      (sorry for my mistakes, english isn’t my first language)



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