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      what is lux and i have pd177p and it has 1.5lux and pd170 has 1lux which one is higher range at next i am going to bought panasonic p2 hvx200a how will be the video quality

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      lux is a measurement of light. It’s approx. 1/10 of a foot-candle. A foot-candle is the amount of light in a cubic foot given off by a candle (i think)

      Anyway, cameras have a minimal sensitivity measured in lux. The lower, the better.

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      When comparing camcorders for how well they work in low light conditions it is important to compare the sensor area per pixel. You can estimate this by taking the sensor size squared and dividing it by the number of pixels. For example my Canon Vixia HF11 has a sensor 1/3.2 inches and 2.07 mega pixels for video. This gives a ration of (1/3.2) squared / 2.07 = 0.047. Canon gives the minimum illumination for this camcorder as 0.2 lux for night mode and 3 lux for PROGRAM AE. These values mean that the HF11 is one of the better choices in the Vixia series for shooting video in low light. Of course there are other considerations in choosing a camcorder besides its low light performance.


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      To help out with Rob’s Description;

      Onecandle power is the amount of light from one candle at one foot distance.

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