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      Hi everybody,

      Just a few words as introduction – I am quite active in photography, and also in wedding photography field. For having more flexibility during wedding photo sessions and for not being dependent from (sometimes not very optimal) ligt conditions, I recently decided to purchase a video light – and the light of my choice was Lowell id light.

      May I please ask your experience with this light ? Are there any particular point // point of attention I should be aware of ?

      Also, as a part of my order, there was a battery I decided to acquire – as compared to the initially suggested battery-belt (with the total cost of over EUR 700), I went for less flexible solution for the beginning consisting in buying normal accus – in form of a quite compact box weighting 4 kg for around EUR 60 – but may be you are aware of more flexible // optimal not expensive solutions ?

      Many thanks in advance for your answers,


      ( photographe mariage Metz )

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I like a dimmable led light on my head, not on the camera and a few LEDS in my pocket for when I need em. Costs less than 20 bucks at Ace hardware.

      I’ve not broken my Lowel kit out more than twice in the last year. That said, I shoot a lot of documentary and reality content. I don’t mind lighting interviews correctly when warranted. Just seldom warranted here.

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      if you are shooting with d-slrs as well as video cams I’d thing you’d do well to consider a compact video light that can mount on all your cameras hotshoes as well as any off camera lights you think will fit your needs….

      I find by having a video light on my d-slr hotshoe I can work in low light and switch-hit from stills to video quickly..

      I went with a small sony unit that runs on AA’s because I try to limit how many propriety batteries and chargers needed… My portable flashes and video lights as well as my video d-slrs (pentax kr’s) all take the same batteries AA nimh rechargeables…. a fast charger and smart charger and eight sets of batteries in one kit bag…

      then my sony camcorders and accessories in another kit bag, and lastly my stills d-slrs in another bag…

      trust me, on a shoot is no time to be looking for a propriety battery when you’re running multiple cameras/systems, and accessories! especially if you find your self with ten fully charged batteries and the one you need is dead! lol!

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      Check also the new led light from China this cost $50 to $75 dimmable, battery power check up can use standard AA battery or Panasonic or Sony video camera battery I recycle my Panasonic battery.

      At least 3 companies sell this on the web.



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      I just got a Litepanels LP MicroPro which is fantastic. I do a lot of Asian Wedding Videos which is often under difficult light. My wife is a wedding photographer and she also borrows it for weddings which is great. We wanted a light that would work nicely for wedding video and wedding photography and this was definitely a good choice.

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      Thanks a lot for your replies !


      ( photographer )

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      I am looking at this product, http://www.rotolight.co.uk/ 

      Please can someone tell me if it is any good.

      Thank Ryan

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