Low time Canon XHA1

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I'm selling my very lightly used XHA1. I used the camera to shoot
church events so the camera didn't get a whole lot of use. I have always
used Sony's tapes camera was always stored in its case have never had a
single issue with it. I'm selling my XHA1 because i purchased a new
camera. If i could I would keep it as a second camera but my bank
account says no...

as you know the XHA1 doesn't have an hour meter. After counting my tapes
i have come to the conclusion the camera has about 15hours VERY low

Camera will come in original box with all original accessories

The camera will also come with lens protector (has been on since the day
i bought it only time it EVER came off was for periodic cleaning)

Included is 6 brand NEW tapes as well as one head cleaning tape

Sorry about the bad picture i took them with my phone just ask if you
want higher quality photos id be more then happy to do that for you

I'm asking $2300(shipping negotiable)