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      This is a continuation from a different post on another
      aspect of camcorder decisions. My wife
      and I are on a quest to purchase our first camcorder. We have narrowed our
      choices down to higher end consumer cameras in the $1000 range.

      Internal Flash Drive, stabilization, good low light
      performance, manual controls available and defiantly access to an independent manual
      focus like a sight ring (not having to use the menu) are important to us.

      We are very interested in low light performance because want
      to shoot some of the dances we attend. Often enough the lighting at a dance can
      be in the bar room range. We are not as
      interested in accurate color at that light level as we are in just being able
      to obtain the footage with reasonable clarity.

      The ratings almost seem arbitrary and even some of the
      professional comparisons seem vague. We
      are looking at the Canon HFS10 and Panasonic HDC-TM300. The Cannon seems to have everything we need and
      is a few hundred dollars less. However a review at Camcorderinfo.com states
      that the low light performance better in the Panni. From a review with a comparison of the Panasonic
      HDC-TM300 to a Canon HFS100 which as far as I can tell has the same low light
      performance as the HFS10

      Low Light Sensitivity:

      In Auto Gain

      HDC-TM300 9 Lux

      HFS100 16 Lux

      Which seems fairly significant as far as numbers go.

      In 24P Mode

      HDC-TM300 8 Lux

      HFS100 6 Lux


      If all other factors were equal should these numbers steer
      me to the HDC-TM300?

      Having not really studied the pros and cons of the 24P
      mode (I will though) I dont know if I would want to use it over other modes
      for filming people grooving in the dark.
      Any insight on the will be useful as well.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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      The Canon HF-S10 is a great, powerful camcorder for recording High-Definition, and the broad assortment of auto/manual controls makes it a great ‘entry-level pro’ camcorder. If you’ve got your mind set on low-light performance, the HF-S10 may show some flattering performance, but it won’t bowl you over. From the looks of it, the Panasonic HDC-TM300 performs better in low light. Have you also considered the Canon HV30? The low light performance is slightly better, and you’ll probably find it online for even cheaper.


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      Thanks XTR-91, the HV30 does look like a good choice. However, I’m not so sure about a tape based system. Its interesting that the upgrades to the Canon line include a “reduction” in sensitivity. Maybe tape isn’t so bad but it does seem like a step back to me.

      Thanks again

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      At this point, I would just make the jump for the Panasonic HDC-TM300. The Pansonic records at the AVCHD format, however, which is ponderous to edit with unless you have good (and efficient running) editing software along with a Dual Core or AMD Athlon processor. If you want to stay away from AVCHD (and also tapes), then I’dtake a look atthe JVC GZ-MG505(produces outstandingcolors)or the JVC GZ-MG555– both of theseare standard definition camcorders.

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      Just wanted you to know we decided to go with the HDC-TM300. Thanks for your help.


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