Low Budget Camera Mic

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I'm looking for a Camera Mic to do low budget tech videos in place of the dredded in camera mic. I'll be using it both indoors and out, probably no farther than 15-20 ft. distance. Budget is $75, camera being used is a Cannon ZR930, I'm not worried about mounting. Here is the microphone I'm thinking of getting this one:

Azden XMS-10 Microphone

Does anyone have a better recommendation for less than $75? Also I plan to periodically use a 3.5mm extension to position the mic away from the camera, about how long can the extension be without causing too much noise in the line?

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I've heard good things about the Azden XMS-10, but haven't used it. After reading the forums and asking around, I had a friend that suggested the RODE Videomic and I found one on Craigslist.org for less than $60 and it works very well for me!