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      This contest is supposed to show how your significant other is upset that you spend more time and money on your Mustang than with her. Also you are supposed to include American Muscle (who’s is hosting the contest). Winners will be announced March 4, 2009 but thought I would post it up to get some ideas, tips, criticism. Thanks in advance.

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      Good storyline and acting. Camera work wasn’t the sharpest: very jittery when panning, especially at the end. Other than the camerawork, good overall. Nice Mustang.

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      Thanks for the input. I realize how important a good tripod really means. The tripod used was a cheap one from Target i believe. I really need a good one that pans and tilts well. Plus the person who was supposed to film did not show up so I had to use someone else who does not do that type of stuff. None the less I enjoyed it.

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