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      My LaCie hard drive has gotten very loud. What I assume to be the fan will turn loudly for hours. It stops for awhile when I put the computer to sleep or power back up. I’ve had this drive for two years and, other than making a smooth-sounding spinning noise, it has never done this before.

      is this an indication that it’s about to crash and burn? I have a long project I’m editing. All the material is in there.

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      hmm. I would back up the contents onto a new drive just to be safe.

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      I hav had loud hard drives operate perfectly for years and have had quiet ones fail two days after warranty period expiration (couldn’t care less about the drive, I permanently lost data which was crappy).

      Whether hard drives are loud or not, it is a VERY good idea to back up data on a regular basis.

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      Been down that road before Hoss. Do as Rob and Bird suggested and back up your media asap. The bearings in the fan are failing or have failed. Check to see if you’re still under warranty and get a replacement drive or fan put in by Lacie if you are. I’ve had drive fans fail before and they always happen at the worst possible time.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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