Lost sound using Cyberlink software with JVC GZ-MG21

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      I recently bought a HDD camcorder – JVC GZ-MG21US which came with the Cyberlink editing software PowerDirector Express and PowerProducer 3 NE. I made my first movie a few weeks ago & while playing it back I got a screaming feedback & lost all sound on my computer. I thought the speakers had blown, but they tested ok. I tried everything I could think of such as updating drivers, reinstalling audio, etc, etc to no avail. Finally I did a system restore and my sound returned. I’ve been spending hours and hours on editing and producing movies of a band when they play each weekend, and in the last few weeks have lost the sound on my computer numerous times in this process. Always system restore would bring it back, until yesterday. Now system restore says it cannot restore my system. I’ve contacted JVC who were no help. I’ve contacted Cyberlink who have been no help. I’ve contacted DELL who after going thru some testing want to reformat my hard drive. I have 80 gb of stuff on my computer and I think I’d rather buy a new one than reformat this one, since this one still works fine except for no sound. I can’t edit music videos if I can’t hear them!! I’m hoping someone else has had this problem and has solved it and will share their experience.

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      Feedback is caused by a loop in the hook-ups. Double check all you in/out cables. The audio card could have failed in such a way as to cause a short between the input/output circuit. This may be a chip and software interaction due to the fact that the system could restore it.

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      Thanks for your replies & sorry to take this long getting back but was unable to logon yesterday. Anyhow, all the connections were ok. I’m wondering if the feedback occured because the little mic that came with the computer was hooked up & was in front of my computer speakers. I think I probably do need newer sound & video cards, but updating their driver’s was not working. I finally used the driver cd that came with my computer & reinstalled the audio and video and drivers and got the sound back! It’s great having knowlegable people out there willing to help. Thanks, Phyllis

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      All of you pros out there who swear by JVC please don’t chastise me to much. THink of this as a minor leaguer adding an observation.

      That being said…

      I have owned 5 JVC consumer grade products in the last 2 years. I emphasize OWNED because, I no longer have any of them. Now keep in mind that I treat my electronic equipment like I would my own child (I don’t have any children, but if I did πŸ˜‰ ).

      Each and everyone died one by one. Also keep in mind that after the first one, I swore off JVC products. Now let me tell you why.

      Customer service is aweful. Most of the tech support doesn’t know their head from a hole in the ground. I called multiple times to no avail. Thier warranty sucks. 1 year parts 90 days labor. Of course the parts are not what is expensive it is the labor. The labor I was going to be charged to diagnose and repair was more than the camera was worth not to mention insured shipping both ways. And JVC won’t send a non JVC certified person the parts (which are free). So I could not get my friend to fix it, whom repairs electronics for a living.

      You may ask, "why then did you get 4 more JVC brand products if you hate them so much?" The answer is that I didn’t. They were gifts from various occasions such as birth days, christmas, etc. And again, they failed one by one after the 90 labor deadline.

      I have had Panasonics and Sonys now for over a year with no problems what so ever. I will never buy JVC again.

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