Lost in a sea of cables – HELP! Also crane-cam?

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      Hey. So I have a Canon XHA1, and we’ve built a home-made jib to make some budget crane shots to add to our production value. In order to be able to move the camera appropriately on said jib, I bought a little monitor that lots of people seem to like (Lilliput 7″ LCD monitor), which has HDMI input. Unfortunately, the XHA1 has kind of weird outputs that I didn’t know what to do with, and when I’ve taken the camera and monitor to various camera and digital stores, they don’t know what kind of cabling I’d need. Does anyone have a similar set-up and know how I can make this work?

      Alternatively, I’m now wondering if it might be better to get a smaller HD camera to use on the jib that just has HDMI output. The jib’s pretty strong, but I’d probably be happier using a lighter and less valuable camera on the end of it (would also make counter-weighting easier). Any thoughts on a smaller (cheaper) HD camera that would have comparable image on wide shots to the XHA1 so the different footage wouldn’t appear dramatically different? If there are any that are better at low light levels among your thoughts, that info would also be really helpful.

      Sorry for the massive post but I’m really stressing over this (amongst the billion other jobs I have to do to get our shoot up and running) and time’s short – we only got the jib assembled and tested last weekend and it would be a terrible shame not to be able to use it. Thanks in advance.

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      I use a small Marshall monitor with my XHA1. “weird outputs” are actually what was used before HDMI. Your camera came with a cable, two cables actually, one for video (yellow 3.5mm 4conductor) and the RGB Dconnector. Take your camera to a shop if you aren’t sure what you have but I assure you, the inputs are quite ‘standard’ BUT predate HDMI. I use a”Varizoom VZ-Rock” as the LANC controller to focus the XHA1 on my jib arm.

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      Try a 5 inch 569/O/P. It is good.


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