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      I’ve posted this problem elsewhere on the Internet but haven’t received a response yet, so I’m widening the search for an answer. I hope one of you can help.

      Here’s a new problem in my experience. I’m hoping someone can tell me the reason for it (and, if I’m lucky, maybe even give me a solution).

      Using a GL1 (about five years old), I recently videotaped several people at church discussing why adult Sunday School was important to them. This was in an individual interview format, where the interviewer asked the question off camera and I taped the response. I realized during the third interview, much to my chagrin, that I was taping in LP mode. The only time I recall doing that beforehand was a couple of weeks earlier, when the tape was for my own use. I changed to SP mode for the remaining interviews.

      Anyway, last Saturday I sat down with the interviewer to decide what to use in the final video and everything went fine. This weekend, however, when I captured the video, two problems arose.

      First, there is an intermittent, irregular rasping sound that lasts only a fraction of a second. This problem occurs whether it’s the LP or SP section of the recording. I’m using Premiere Standard 7.01 (which came on my new computer). In the past I have used versions of Pinnacle Studio, as well as Screenblast/Vegas Movie Studio, but this is my first experience with Premiere. Perhaps I’m missing a setting that is causing this sound, but I’m not sure what it is.

      Second, the sound is missing entirely from the LP section. The computer didn’t capture any sound, presumably, because the sound has disappeared from the tape. I hear no sound through headphones plugged into the camera or through a TV when I play the tape through it (via my camera). The mysterious part is that the sound was present a week ago when we went through the tape. My guess is that the heads have somehow gotten out of alignment (although the picture looks normal). I’m more concerned about this lack-of-sound problem than the other one.

      If the heads are out of alignment, does anyone know the approximate cost to fix it? Is it worth it? (I know, I know, it’s worth it if I can’t afford a new camera . . . .)

      Until I figure out the problem, I’m going to borrow someone else’s DV camera to see if the tape will play through it with sound. At least then maybe I can recapture that section and finish the project.

      Any ideas, folks?


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