lossless?/weird sharpen effect?

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      I’m new to the program – hopefully this is an easy fix that I’m ignorant about.

      I have a 3 second clip, used the rotobrush to add a looping background, then I added an adjustment layer to it w. the sharpen amount set to 149. I added text from livetype on top of it. I wanted to move the clip back into FCP. I rendered it w/ quality ‘lossless’ – the clip then took 2.5 hrs to make the .mov – (better way for this?) I then opened it up in FCP – watched it, and all looks good, except for a bright white outline that flashes around my moving subject and kinda ruins the look of the clip.

      I would like to take the sharpen off to see if that is what causing the issue – although I’m sure it is, because the text that I added on top is unaffected – But I don’t really want to wait 2.5 hours for it to make the movie again before I know if that’s even the problem. Any ideas?

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      also, I like the look of sharpen – and was hoping there was a way to keep the sharpen effect but lose the flashing white outline.

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