Losing project in the middle after quiting unexpectedly !!

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      I’m a beginner of Avid Liquid 7, and using a downloaded version..My problem is, after quiting Liquid unexpectedly, I cannot recover my project that I’ve been working on.. All the files and imported medias in the rack, but there’s nothing in the timeline.. I,m really desperate !! Can anybody tell me what is the reason for my problem ?

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      Are there auto-save files stored somewhere? Does Avid do that? I’m not familiar with Avid, but I know if this happened with FCP, the editor can just access the most recent auto-save file.

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      Thanks for reply… No auto save files.. but there’s process called ‘backup project’ and then restore project.We can restore the project Only if we’ve backed it up !! I never tried it !!

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