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      Hi guys and gals,

      I did some videography part time during my senior year in high school and a couple years following on old svhs equipment, needless to say its’s been a while!

      Anyways, I am looking to get back into it as a part-time business on the weekends and was hoping for some advice on the current industry in general and as well as some equipment suggestions. I will be working with an approximate budget of $5,000 for equipment.

      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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      It would help if you described what type of work you think you’ll be doing…….
      — Weddings and Bar Mitzvas?
      — Local TV commercials?
      — Educational programs for schools?
      — Training videos for industry?
      — School sporting events?

      (and if you come up with something else where you can make money with your camcorder, LET ME KNOW πŸ˜€ )
      Ken Hull

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      thanks for the reply. I plan on starting out small with local events, kids sports, family functions including weddings and whatnot.

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      OK, I would recommend staying with standard definition for now, and avoid some headaches. (Maybe HD in a couple years.) MiniDV camcorders can produce very good images. For wedding receptions, sometimes having enough light is a problem. The Sony VX2100 works well in low-light situations. For outdoor events during daylight, you might be running around hand holding the camcorder, in which case a shoulder-mount camcorder would be desirable (Panasonic DVC7, DVC20, or DVC60). If neither low-light nor shoulder mount is needed, then consider either the Panasonic DVC30 or the Canon GL-2. BTW, for when you’re NOT handholding the camcorder, invest in a solid tripod (good ones cost around $400 and up). I’m not an event videographer, but several of the regular posters on these forums are, and many insist that you need at least 2 camcorders (and camcorder operators) to cover an event properly.

      You might be able to get away without lighting equipment, but it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a couple SmithVictor reflector floodlights and light stands. Lastly, microphones…. you’ll want at least a shotgun mic (I recommend the Rode VideoMic if your camcorder takes the 1/8 inch mic plug), and maybe a wireless mic system (Azden has some affordable systems).

      Oh, the fun you’re going to have spending money! πŸ˜‰
      Ken Hull

Viewing 3 reply threads
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