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      I’ve got $100 to spend on a mic. I’d be using it for short films that I make and possibly some weddings. Should I get a shotgun mic? I saw a couple on B&H by Azden that seemed good, but I had a question about one of them.

      Here’s what the site says about it:

      “The pick-up pattern of the built-in microphone on camcorders is omni-directional, meaning that it picks up all sounds, in every direction equally, no matter which direction you point the camcorder. The ECZ-990 is a 6” long, directional, or “zoom” microphone with a supercardioid pattern (ellipse shaped). It will pick up your subject’s sound more clearly, reducing side noises. With 2 positions, narrow and wider, the ECZ-990 has a range of 35 feet and uses 1 “AAA” battery.”

      I don’t understand why it says that it’s omni-directional, and then it says that it’s directional in the next sentence. I’m guessing you can adjust it to what you need.

      I’m not sure if I want to get the ECZ-990 or the SGM-X. Would I be more restricted in what I can do if I go for the SGM-X? Or if I go for the 990, since it has a wider and narrower pickup range, does that mean it won’t do either of them well? I’d like to spend less if I can, but I don’t mind spending upto $100 for something decent.

      Are there any other recommendations in the sub-$100 price range?


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