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      I’m looking for a couple of videographers.

      From time to time we get asked to do video editing work. It would normally consist of simply stripping out an English-language voice over from a digital video and adding a new language VO. Because most of this work is for corporate videos (as opposed to television or film work), it does not need to be lip-sync’d. We paragraph-synchronise the audio during recording. There may, however, be a
      little audio (or video) tweaking to be done (by you) to some of the start and end points for each phrase / paragraph / scene (eg. time-stretch, tiny cuts).

      Work would be on a per-project basis, from your home / studio

      Pay per-hour.

      We usually do not give much advance notice, so you would need to be generally available on a day-to-day basis for an hour or two at a time. If this is not the case, please do not apply.

      Is this kind of work something you are capable of, are available for, and would be interested in doing?



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      I am definitely interested! Hit me up next project you have!

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      I started off in this work fixing audio for video as I run a small audio recording studio that does mostly spoken word work. I’d be interested in this.

      A few q’s that others might like to know:

      What’s the pay/hour?

      How will files be delivered?

      How often (per month) do you have these jobs?

      Thanks for putting out the opportunity!

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      Hi again, thanks for responding. Sorry it’s been a while since we posted this thread.

      In answer to the questions raised:

      Pay per hour is dependant upon you.

      Audio files provided as WAV / AIF / MP3 according to the project.

      Video files provided in whatever format they are supplied to us by the client, which varies according to the project.

      Frequency of work would depend on how quickly we could build up this area of work. As I mentioned in the post, we currently do not offer this, so our clients currently out-source that bit of projects elsewhere. With you as a long-term partner, we’d take on this work and it would build slowly.

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      Where are you located? What is your studio name? Do you have a website. I too was an audio only studio for a while and then merged into video.

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      Hi there! I am interested in doing some work for you. I currently work as an in-house videographer/editor for a company right now and doing a couple of side jobs will work for me just fine. Please email me back if you are interested.


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      Hit me up over at http://www.heatsproductions.co.uk

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      I, too, am interested in working with you. I am a freelance videographer in Annapolis. Use a Canon XA10 and a H4N Zoom for (separate) sound recording. Also work with a local recording studio should the particular job require a soundboard. I edit with Final Cut.

      If you send me an email I will reply with my appropriate links. I look forward to hearing from you.

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      If you are referring to simple virtualdub removal of audio and applying a new .wav or .mp3 heck I am game. I can do this in a very short time. Hit me up if you need assistance.

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      I would refer Luis Garcia. Check out his website. I know him personally and has been in the business for many years. He’s also bilingual too!


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      There appears to be plenty of us who can help you achieve the results you need.


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      Hello My name is Justin I represent my company klookfilm I would be interested in this work if you need my services please contact me at: klookfilm at gmail.com  I would be more than happy to do a quality sample if you have something you would like to test my services on.

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