Looking for Video/Camera Guru for Site

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I'm the owner of Gamefilm360 and we are a storage/organizer for coach's game films. We are in need of someone who could help the technically-challenged coach's get the video from camera to site. Normally very easy questions, yet I'm not the technical guy either. Most of the work could be done via email, some via phone call...the business is taking off in a big way - could lead to supervisor-type position.

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If you're looking for a video consultant (which is what you need at this juncture) there are a number of pro's here in the forums who can assist you provided you're willing to meet their fees myself included.

H.Wolfgang Porter, Composite Media Producer Dreaded Enterprises Unlimited, Inc. www.dreadedenterprises.com

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What type of work does this entail? Just answering questions on how to work with the video? Or physically doing the video work?