Looking for video work (non-paid) in the Glenview area, northsuburb of Chicago

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      I am a retired electronics and software engineer who is looking for a position in the video industry. Pay is not a consideration.Recently I worked as a volunteer (non-paid) for our local village television station, GVTV cable channel 6 and 17.During the past 3 years I have worked as director, producer, editor and cameraman.I produced a series of 3 restaurant review programs called Great Eating In Glenview.These programs were about 45 minutes long.My last program was a Civil War re-enactment about 55 minutes long.I was the producer, director, and editor, one of cameramen and wrote the script for a good portion of the program.The actors who had volunteered were participants in the re-enactment.This program was videographed and edited from a very unique viewpoint.I spend approximately 175 hours of my time producing this program.

      As a teenager I started with still photography and then moved to 8 and super 8 movies.At that time I was frustrated at not being able to produce the kind of movies that I wanted because of the technologies of the times.But, now I can make the kind of movies that I want because of digital video cameras and computer editing software.

      At GVTV I used a Sony Digital Handycam DCR-VX2000 video camera and did editing on Final-Cut-Pro.Since then I have installed Adobe Premiere Element on one of my computers so that I can do editing at my home office.

      Can you use my help?I would like to work in the video industry not for pay but for fun.Being an engineer I have worked with many different software programs and can easily adapt to all kinds of video software.Likewise I can learn how to use different cameras and support electronics.

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