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      <span class=”postcolor”>Dear mensches,

      I’m a third-year student. Our subdepartment works on compression and processing video. We have a tradition: the first product is a free VirtualDub filter. I wanna create something that people will really use for their purposes! And maybe one day someone will thank me and you (as my inspirer <!–emo&:rolleyes:–>rolleyes.gif<!–endemo–> ).

      I’m here to ask you about problems you have editing videos. Maybe you or your friend work in a special field ( underwater filming for instance ) and need special processing.

      I know that stereo is being really popular now. And as it’s a new field it must contain a lot of unsolved problems. It would be nice to know more about them.

      Problems connected with 3D and object detection are highly recommended!

      By the way, I suggest you take a look on my elder colleagues’ filters. Here’s a link: http://compression.ru/video/index.htm

      Thanks in advance! </span>

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