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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Hello people.

      Currently Im making a script for a possible shorth film and I have this dilemma with the main character. I’m looking for a person that when I see him I could see the character. Let me explain what I mean, is like seeing Terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger or Pirates of the Caribbean without Johny Depp. They were made for does characters and I want the same for my character. Does anyone have experience looking for that special talent? I know where to find the rest of the secondary characters but the thing is with the main character. I want the public to see that the actor belongs to the main character. Any suggestions?

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      A casting call for your area, using one of the magazines “Variety?” or is it “Vanity?” I honestly cannot remember, or putting notices whereever you can to get a LOT of response is one way to pursue your dilemma. The more screenings you hold the closer you will be to that “YES” moment when somebody in the crowd pops out at you.

      I watched some of the special stuff on the Supernatural season DVD sets where they interviewed one of the two main characters, but when the second one came along HE was the guy who Popped for the other role that had essentially already been filled. That was when the character who plays Dean became Dean and it all seemed so obvious to them after the switch.

      Same with other situations, even historically when they were looking for Scarlet O’Hara for Gone with the Wind. Get enough screenings and you will find the ONE THAT FITS! Otherwise, you have to make do with the closest possibility from a smaller pond of fish.

      If he/she shows up, trust your instincts, you’ll know when the right one shows up.

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      Amen to that. One more item I found useful; if your actor whether ‘the one’ or not, doesn’t get the character they are to portray it will be painfully obvious and they’ll kill it for you the director and the audience. Earl’s dead-on, Vivian Leigh looked and sounded like everyone imagined Scarlet to be but she also ‘got’ the character. Her performance was the ‘seller’ and you’ll find out PDQ whether a potential actor gets a character during readings. Also, don’t be afraid to ‘mix and match’ when it comes to casting. You may find that actors you picked for one role are so much better in an alternate one.

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