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      I recently created a video highlight film for a friend of mine. He played his senior year of college football last fall, and I grabbed some film from family members and put together something short for him. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. This was edited with Final Cut Express 4.

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      Pretty Cool.

      1-I would suggest that you makes the cuts tighter on the beat of the music. Some of them are while others are asynchronous to the musical track. I suggest picking one either synchronous or asynchronous, it will help to establish a better pacing and rhythm in the piece.

      2-What was the thinking behind cutting to black between some of the shots? It seems to actually slow down the pacing which would seem to be counter productive for this project.

      3-I would personally suggest getting rid of that dissolve. Dissolves create a smooth transition between two shots but with an aggressive subject like football all straight cuts might be a better idea. It helps to establish that each shot is different and helps to create a more energetic pace than a dissolve can.

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      Cool… thanks Jerron. Some of the cuts are made to hit with the music, others intro a bit early so that the big hits in the game match with the beats of the music. I’m assuming that’s what you were referring to.

      The darkness between some of the shots were done to match with the music, others were actually meant to slow down the pace a bit to help focus a little more on upcoming shots… or at least that was the thought behind some of those. Mostly, it was a beat with the music thing.

      The one dissolve i used was to show the cheap shot (of my buddy) and the guy that pointed and trash talked later… there was a good 15 second between the actual cheap shot, and him pointing. It was sort of an ongoing joke between us, so I wanted to show both parts.

      I definitely appreciate the suggestions… I’m thinking about removing some of the black between shots and replacing them with ashort clips. Thanks again!

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