Looking For Sony vx1000...reasonable price

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Im looking for a good working vx1000, the camera i have now i not working close to the standards that i want from the vx1000. I want that raw video and great sound qualityfrom the vx1000.

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I assume that you mean a Sony DCR VX1000. I wanted to make sure that you realize that that camera hasn't been manufactured in about 10 years. So ANY deal that you get is going to be a bad one.

The heads are going to be worn down and you'd be lucky if the thing works.

Why don't you try a VX2000 or even a 2100.

The 2000 is about 6 or 7 years old and the 2100 I think is still being manufactured. i just bought 3 of them from B&H about a year ago.

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First, you say you are looking for one. Then, you refer to the fact that the one you have isn't performing to your expectations, inferring that something is wrong with it. In another post you are selling one - which one are you selling? The one that works, or the one, if any, you purchased, and why would you be selling THAT one? Just trying to understand what you are doing here, for real.

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I will sell a vx1000 with opteka fisheye batteries ,charger ect. for 800 or best offer contact me for more info by the way the vx is in mint condition and everything else is new