Looking for some Help - PLEASE!! Magix Edit Pro 11

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I am hoping that some kind person can help me with a problem I am having with Magix Edit Pro 11.
I am a novice with computers so answers in step by step instructions would be brilliant!! :D

OK, I am editing my movie, and wanting to add text, but can't figure how to add text in the movie without having to make a new chapter, scene or cut the movie. The problem with doing it that way is that I get a new menu chapter for every scene, and on my movie, which is large, I end up with 11-20 pages of menu!

So if anyone could tell me is easy to understand steps, how to add text at various places through my movie, I would be very grateful!

Thank you!


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just click on the title tab near the effects tab. then you can drag and drop a style of a title that you want to use. after you do this it will then open up a title editor where you can change the text to whatever you desire.
hope that helps. the last time that i used movie edit pro was about 1 1/5 years ago but it should be similar.