Looking for royalty free music websites

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Hello there! Need help in looking for royalty free music! I know Kevin MacLeod has his own site where you can use his music as long as you credit him for his work. Other than that, do you guys have any suggestions? I have an interview shoot next month and I might use a little background music to it. Thanks mucho!

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This Videomaker Forum link got a lot of action recently. Also, by searching for "royalty free music" a host of forum posts/responses came up.

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Just keep in mind that royalty free doesn't mean free.



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If you go here and pay attention to the CC by licensing and have time to dig likeI have you can find some decent music to use for commercial projects.


I have used some in the past andcredited the artist. I have no affiliation, just a fan.

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Thanks guys! I will check on it later today and yes there were a couple of people posting about royalty free music and I will check them out!

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Try MusicRevolution.com https://www.musicrevolution.com, an innovativeonline marketplace for royalty-freeproduction music withover 17,000affordable, high-quality tracks. To mark the anniversary of our 2010 launch, MusicRevolution.com has created this page of royalty-free music tracks that are absolutely free to use: http://www.musicrevolution.com/free_production_music/I am the co-founder.

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Take a listen to Music 2Hues and Music Bakery, too. Music Bakery, especially, has some very usable pieces.


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Here are my favorite royalty free sites. To me these offer some of the best music out there, especially if you don't want to spend a ton of money.



TheTunePeddler - I might be a little biased...

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My longtime home:ArtistServer. Good community, interesting artistic work, nice folks, many tracks (like my own) are Creative Commons.

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Hello, i want to share a nice royalty free music website www.royaltyfreepianos.com

with piano music tracks recorded with high quality sound. The site have an Immediate download service

Take a look and i hope you find the site helpful for your projects



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Yes I am interested in royalty free music.

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Well in addition to my own site danosongs, I recommend jewelbeat.com.


Of course also my friend thetunepeddler.com : )


I always tell people about Kevin at Incompetech, but you already know about him.


Dan-O FREE Royalty Free Music Producer


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These are great! Audiojungle.net and Audioblocks.com are the go-to for us.

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Try JewelBeat.com they have a wide variety of scores. The cost for each selection is 99 cents and it comes with permission, in writing to use the music.

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One Site already has been mentioned: http://soundtaxi.com is very good in these things. If you want you can also check out Absolute Songs which is pretty similar to soundtaxi.



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Hello guys ! Have also a listen to this site http://www.musicincloud.com

with real instruments, it's a great place to find music ! :) enjoy

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You must check out www.909music.com 
There are HIGH QUALITY Royalty Free tracks starting from $10 in all genres.
It is also a social media site for musicians so I am sure you will definitely find what you are looking for among 100s of composers and 1000s of tracks!

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Agree with DG_76.  SmartSound music and their SonicFire software are good ways to create music beds with custom lengths.  Sometimes they run a sale where you can acquire a CD of ten or more tracks for around $30.  I own a couple dozen of these CD titles, use them a lot to make my family travel videos.

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Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music (for Purchase)


http://www.footagefirm.com/free-production-music-0511-18  (Prolific Arts)









Also try:

Jimmy Gelhaar - about 40 pieces, lots of solo piano

Josh Woodward


Royalty Free Music (for Free - usually)

http://freepd.com/  Free Public Domain by Kevin MacLeod

http://www.incompetech.com/   (Kevin MacLeod)*

Jason Shaw (audionautix) - 250+ pieces. Excellent production

Anthony Kozar - interesting ambient pieces (Free)

Matt McFarland - over 50 instrumental pieces

Josh Molen - a few free pieces, and a lot more super-reasonably-priced ones

RFK - Often zero-cost music with a social site link



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this one must be seen :)


Need some quality royalty free music for your next video ?

Checkout http://www.filmtv-tracks.com/

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I'd like to give you the opportunity to hear from my gigs on Fiverr, where I compose music for a very small price ($5). Maybe it's a good alternative to using royalty free music for it'll be your own after you order it (ownership transfer to you) and it'll be professional. Check it out if you'd like!



Best regards,

Aron Kramer

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In addition to some of the above, I have 2 more, both free, music sites I use frequently.  One is military bands.  example http://www.usarmyband.com/jukebox/index.html

Most every major military base has a music section, and these are not just marching songs.  Most bases have an orchestra, jazz band, and often string quartet and more.  Many post mp3's, just don't expect popular songs.  They are very careful to post songs in the public domain.  I have over 100 tracks from different bands.  The Air Force Academy is great.

Another site I use is archive.org.  Don't mistake with .com.  At the .org site you can specifify audio, then put in your subject.  I've used this for aviation videos and got some great ones.  Almost all specify the license and many are public domain, being older cylinder or 78 recordings.  If you're doing anything related to history, this is a great site.  Can specify a search by genre, topic, artist, or decade.

Remember, these are free, whether for personal or commercial use.

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I'm a music composer with a constantly growing portfolio ranging from minimalistic piano scores to epic orchestral/dubstep pieces.


You can view my work @ soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/semblanceproduction . Every song has a "buy" button linked to audiojungle for easy licensing for a very modest price.


Feel free to contact me for any custom work, i'm very much looking forward to new work and challenges.


Thank you.

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As a completely alternate method, find a local band you like and they'll usually be happy to lend their music and cross promote your work as well.

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Quite a few sites are free as in nothing to pay, while others like Hitcham's are free to certain users who don't use it commercially. I'm not complaining as I too produce music, but there's this notion of the word 'Royalty' and 'Free' - and it's very confusing to people, who don't quite grasp the complicated aspects of rights!


Totally free for any purpose

Free for certain use

Free as a long a full credit given

Charged for but no repeat fees or restrictions

Charged for with limited use as in for a set period or set territory


Probably more than these variations when you have a detailed look!