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      I don’t see a general camcorder listing so I guess I’ll put this in Canon?

      I’ve had a number of PAL camcorders over the years. Unfortunately I haven’t archived many of the minidv tapes. Most recently I had a Canon MVX4i (Optura 600) which is now broken and not worth the repair costs. Before that I had a Sony DCR-PC9 which was counted out but somehow is still hanging on. Sometimes the head seems out of alignment or something as occasionally the video and audio gets lots of artifacts. Lately if I record with it, one a new tape and play it back immediately it’s fine. I’ve been watching Ebay for a replacement to archive my many tapes. I continue to need a camera for making good quality video of live music events. So I’ve been drawn to the Canon HV20 and the Sony HDR-HC7 based on the reviews I’ve read from past years. They’ve been going for 200-300 euros used. It now occurs to me that it might be better to focus entirely on getting the camera that can play back (especially the tapes made with the Canon) and maybe not for so much money if it doesn’t make that much difference for only playback. And then look for a flash based camcorder so I don’t have the head problems in the future. I’d appreciate some opinions if this is the better way to go and suggestions for some camcorder models. Thanks

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      I have a cheap ($200) mini dv camcorderthat I keep just for playing back my backup dv tapes..When? I dont know but im waiting…


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      Could people here tell me if the current crop of camcorders using sd cards etc are making as good or better videos than the Canon HV20 and the Sony HDR-HC7?

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