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      Hi I am an amateur video user, I have a camcorder for the kids B-days etc.

      I have been given a video project at work.

      All seems to be going well but I need to find some software.

      We need to do Real Time chromaKey. Green, Blue, Grey screen it doesn’t matter.

      Quality is not the highest priority ease of use would be the most important as far as I am concerned, I am not really under budget restraints but I can’t see spending a lot of money on a one use application.

      Does any one have any suggestions for me? We have both Mac and Wintel platforms to work from but I would probably prefer windows.

      I searched the forum but saw nothing about Real Time.

      The end product will be web based.


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      Bill, I wonder if maybe hardware is what you should be looking for. This sounds like a job for a video switcher that has some built-in effects. I think Newtek makes some products (Tricaster or Video Toaster) that might do that. Of course, those would be in the thousands of dollars. Check bhphotovideo.com for Consumer Video Editing equipment. They sell a Sima SFX-9 Digital Video Effects Mixer for about $500. Its description says it does ChromaKey.
      Good Luck! πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      Man, those VC products look so cool! I’ve spent a great deal of time drooling on their website…

      So where is the Mac version??????????

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      😯 OK am I missing something? When I first started reading the original post, I thought he was broadcasting live thus the term real-time chroma keying but in the end, he said that the finish product would be on the web.

      Now unless my wife put something in my coffee, he doesnt need any special real-time software (unless of course he has no NLE or maybe a very weak NLE package), all he needs is a chroma screen. If he has a decent NLE, he can key it all up in post.

      Yeah No Maybe πŸ˜›


      Ps: This coffee does taste kind of funny now that I think about it! X-D

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      Hi Guys

      Maybe this will explain what I need better.

      Source 1 is a video clip that will eventually run as the background, it has various actors interacting with each other and interacting with an other person who is not in the clip.

      Source 2 is a real time feed from a camera with a subject in front of the green screen that will interact with the ones from the video clip (source 1) that replaces the green screen. The subject needs to see a monitor with source 1 (the clip) and source 2 (him self) this all will be saved to a file for eventual placement on a web page.

      I looked at the Sima SFX-9 Digital Video Effects Mixer it looks great.

      Has anyone here ever used it ?

      I am not sure if its new or not the web page at Sima says "Available January 2007" also I saw an "A" designator on the Sima site and no such designation on the retail sales sites.

      I found the Manual in .PDF and read it and it seems real simple which is what I need.


      I am going to call them (Sima) on Monday I will let you know what they say.

      I went to VC web site watched the video (and was impressed). I downloaded the trial version only to find that it (the trial version) doesn’t include the chroma stuff or what they call the V-Screen.

      It seems pretty strait forward as well.

      I am going to call them on Monday also and see if I can get the V-Screen stuff sent to me.
      They have a lot of stuff left out of the demo that they say is for space reasons and all the output is watermarked as "Trial version" so I am guessing they may send it to me.

      And yes the Studio version of it does LIVE streaming to the Web, not actually a feature we need but still cool.

      You guys have been extremely helpful already any more ideas would be appriciated.


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      I am only a student but i may be able to help, and I know of a program called Ultra made by serious magic. Its pretty simple, you can do it life, or in post production. The best thing about it is, you need little lighting. Normally Chromakeying requiers an evenly lit surface, and it must be flat, However with ultra, your backdrop can be wrinkly, and only lit with floresent lighing, and it still looks perfect.

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      Search the Apple developer site for quartz composer. (try qctv).
      You already have it, in the developer tools package on your osx disk.
      It can do chroma-keying and output to quicktime, which means you can set it up to record and broadcast it live.
      not easy to learn, but free.

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      compusolver Wrote:

      I gotta clear up this misconception before it spreads –

      Yes, ULTRA is a good product, but "NO" it does not give you "perfect" keys wth wrinkled backdrops and uneven lighting. Even with Ultra (we use it all the time!), it is important to have an even greenscreen (we iron ours before each use) and even lighting, taking care with shadows from your subject, green light spllage, etc.

      Ultra (by Serious Magic) is a very good software tool for greenscreening, but you must take prudent care in setting things up for truly good key effects.

      I seen it work, and the Keys looked real good to me, Then again I am a student, and you are the Pro, sorry it what I said was mis-leading.

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      I’ve been using Visual Communicator for years. Don’t know if this post is so old that problems have already been solved, but I can help with VC and keying…


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      B&H says that the Sima SFX-9 (which looks like crap btw) is discontinued.

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