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      Okay, so I’ve done some searching online and I can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for. I’m trying to find an in-ear, single earpiece to use for monitoring my audio while shooting. I’ve seen a number of TV broadcast shooters with these in their ears but figured they’d be easy to find so I haven’t asked someone in person yet. I’ve found the $20 ones at Radio Shack that are for PTT radios, but I was hoping for something a little more professional. I work for The Sac Bee shooting video for their web site and the big old ear cans just don’t cut it running and gunning in news situations.

      Any links or suggestions?


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      IFB earpieces work when shooting as well as being talent.

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      IFB! That’s what I was looking for. A quick search of B&H brought up plenty of finds… the Surefire EP100-TP is exactly what I’ve seen other shooters using. Thanks so much!

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      I stopped by the local electronics store and they had a different brand (can’t remember now) but said that I needed to know the impedance for the headphone jack on my FX-1 in order to determine the right module to use in the setup of the IFB earpiece. I checked the camera manual and it doesn’t say the impedance for the headphone jack. Anyone have a suggestion? Now I’m concerned that the SureFire’s won’t be the right impedance since there’s no option and they’re really designed for radios.

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      As far as I know, the main thing about impedance is that the higher it is, the lower the sound you will hear. If it was at extremes (pico ohms or less, or giga ohms or greater) than this could be a problem, but standards keep these in the range of something like 32 ohms to 600 ohms I think, which should be fine for anything. I’m not 100% positive about this.

      I think what might happen is that the surefire might just sound quieter than what you are ‘supposed’ to have, so you’ll have to ‘learn’ what volume you’ll need to hear to have proper volume recorded.

      Don’t quote me on this though! Hopefully someone else will have more of a definite answer.

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      thanks ralck. I checked with the electronics place and the two impedances they have for the Telex IFB ear pieces that are on the low side are 15 ohms and then jumps to 125 ohms. I’ve looked around more and found that most headphones range from 12 to 45 ohms and Motorola headsets that go w/ their two way’s have 16 and 32 ohm options.

      I tried contacting SureFire but I guess their call back function doesn’t work or something ’cause I never heard back from customer service. I would think that if the SureFire pieces work with the Motorola two-ways they’d be in this same range. Hopefully I can get in touch with SureFire and find out definitively the specs.

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      So… after a $108 purchase at the local electronics store of an IFB ear piece setup I realized that the connector for the Telex brand system is MONO. This is no good with a stereo output like the ones on prosumer and I imagine a good deal of the "Pro" cameras a lot of people are using. The problem is that only one channel is coming through the ear piece at full strength. This can be fixed by soldering on a new STEREO connector, but that involves soldering, and I don’t know how.

      The SureFire EP100 that I have on back order has a stereo connector, allowing both channels to be monitored at once.

      Just thought I’d share this with anyone else considering an IFB ear piece instead of head cans.

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      They have little adapters that convert mono to stereo and vice versa. I think radio shack might carry them.

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      Yeah, but do you really want an extra inch-long adapter hanging off the camera? Why bother?

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