Looking for Graphic Rich software for my videos

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      I’ve watching alot of TV on the TW cable during the past few weeks.

      I’m seeing all kinds of tricked stuff. THere are backgrounds, overlays, side scrolling marquees, Popoverlays, etc.

      I’d be interestedto acquire somesoftware thatdoes those kinds of things. I’d like to make things a bit more viewer interesting.

      I’ve watched all kinds of interveiws, news casters, weather casters, etc. There is a lot of tricked out graphics stuff going on while these peope are reporting. Maybe, (laughing as I say this) theprograms where the non-thinkers are watching they have to do a lotofgraphic stuff to hold attention.

      Anyway, I’d appreciate any links or suggestions. I’mnot streaming video, just making recordings at this point. In other words, I don’t think I need the kinda software that does the live stuff they’re doing.

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      While I can do lots natively in Vegas, what you’re probably seeing is stuff done in Adobe’s After Effects – Check out Video CoPilot for some really impressive tutorials.

      You also may want to check out the royalty free assets from Digital Juice – They are excellent and a great value.

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      Birdcat is right on, recommending Digital Juice. Also, somewhat less sophisticated stuff is available from Rab-Byte. IMHO though, RB is looking a bit long in the tooth and nowadays much of its stuff might come off a bit cheesey.

      Digital Juice is expensive, relatively speaking, considering that like many of the royalty free music libraries there might be only a few things on a few occasions that something in any one set will work out for your purposes. If you have the resources to invest, over time, in the entire collection, and the client base and business to warrant, then you cannot go wrong with DJ.

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      Agreed, Check out Digital Juice. I own many of their products. They put it on sale too from time to time and you can get great deals. With a investment in DJ stuff you may not need software to make your own. 😉

      J. 😉

      Also look at a new company, http://www.phoenixclips.com, they have stock footage and music, animations and more.

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      I spent several hours on digital juice last night after reading birdcat’s reply.

      Pretty good stuff for sure. In fact, it was quite an experience just looking and listening to the samples.

      I was thinking in terms of creating some of my own stuff, so a software was more ofwhat I had in mind.

      I may not be able to afford the software, since I am constantly amazed atthe priceof things. LOL

      Thanks forthe responses

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      Software: Adobe After Effects. This is one of the greatest programs on the planet. And it’s way cool to mess around and make the stuff you mentioned. Put AE with Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash and you can make anything!

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