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      Hey all –

      Ive come upon an interesting opportunity: to teach high school kids the great art and science of video production. Ooooh. Aaaah. Ill run a newly created department in our town. Heres the cool bit:

      Grants have been secured and the money HAS to be spent in order to get more funding in the future. Though Im not offering up any work right now (sorry), I would be ever grateful for your input on vendor recommendations.

      Who else would you recommend as a reliable, full-service vendor beside B+H Photo? (I’ve done business with them since the early 1990’s…mostly out of habit.)

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      I also started a high school media class from scratch 2 years ago. I hope I can be of assistance.

      Depending on what your looking for I have had good luck with adorama photo in New York. Their prices are very aggressive. The staff is helpful (especially Paul in educational sales) and they take purchase orders for payment.

      Fullcompass.com is also very good.

      David F.

      P.S. If you’d like to swap curriculum ideas leave me a post here and we can figure a way to get in touch.

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      I taught video for 10 years at the high school level, and now run an educational access channel for a large school corporation. I consult the teachers in our district on video equipment purchases as well.

      My first question would be, why not B&H? Their prices are always low, if not the lowest (while still being trustworthy). I was just thinking the same thing yesterday and was looking for monitors, adapters and cables. I checked a few sites and B&H looked to be lowest again. Although I’ve never used them, I have heard good things about Adorama, and their prices seem to be good.

      Occassionally I will use Full Compass or Markertek… it all depends on what you’re purchasing. If you’re looking for a company that will put it all together for you and do the leg work of finding what is right, then I would suggest somebody local.

      Ah, the times I remember getting the program started… headaches, joy, frustration, excitement, disappointment and sheer amazement at what kids can do. Heck, I thought I was just bi-polar.

      GOOD LUCK!

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      B&H is definitely top notch. However, you could also try Abe’s of Maine and Markertek.


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      Whats wrong with B&H. If you’ve been going to them since the early 90s and haven’t had a problem, why do you care about any other vendor? I wouldn’trecommendanyone else anyway because B&H always seems to have the lowest prices for everything.

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