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      Hi, I’ve been using PE 2.0

      Works fine for small projects. But cannot burn anything long (1-2hrs) w/multiple chapters. Are there any products out there around $100? What are my options?



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      Wow! 1-2 hours? That’s a feature film! What’s it for? Well, most softwarewill be around $100 eventually, but you mayhave to wait 5-100 years first.

      To be honest with you, most editing software for only $100 is junk when it comes to “long (1-2hrs) w/multiple chapters” projects.

      The big four software (all of which I have used to some extent) are Avid, Apple Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. These are the best of the best and are what I’d use for big projects. Avid is really expensive, Premiere Pro isPE to the next level, Final Cut’s like Premiere, but it’s only for Macintosh computers, Sony Vegas is very different from the other three and looks more like an audio editor.

      The latest version of Vegas Pro is about $580 and that’s the cheapest of the four. There are also some smaller editors I’ve heard oflike Movie Edit Pro, but don’t know how they’d stand up to big stuff.

      Hope this helps. If you want to do big stuff, it helps (especially rendering wise) to use big stuff.

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      VideoGuys.com has Sony Vegas Pro 8 with the VASST tutorial DVD’s on sale for $400 – http://www.videoguys.com/vegaspro8.html

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      How do you know the problem has anything to do with your NLE? Editing a two hour program using full resolution files, like AVI’s, requires at least 24 gigabytes for source video. And rendering depends upon the file format, but if you’re aiming at a DVD the least you’ll need is another 5 gigs of space. So at a minimum, I’d think you’d need in excess of 30 gigs of free space on your hard drive. Even more to hold open space for Windows operation, depending on how much RAM you have installed.

      But if I assume you’ve got plenty of hard drive spac, then you seem to indicate you’re having trouble with setting chapter points while you are editing on Express. Now I use Vegas Movie Studio 6.0 with DVD Architect studio to burn DVD’s. Both programs are packaged together and still sell for less than $100. Now using Vegas, I have edited programs that are nearly two and a half hours long with a dozen or more chapter points just as easily as the dozens of half hour shows I produce. I would also like to add that I render to AVI’s so my authoring program deals with compression, but I’m using around 60 gigabytes of hard drive space to do it. It isn’t a problem for me since I store my data & finished video on a 250 gig hard drive only about half full of data. Using DVD Architect Studio, I can add or remove as many chapter points as I’d like before buring it to a single DVD.

      But I would like to mention that it sounds strange to me that Premiere Express can’t do what the less expensive Vegas Studio does with ease. So I really think your problem is with hard drive space and not your NLE. But my opinion is that the Sony Home Studio line is such a well designed & implemented suite that everyone should give it a shot. And Sony provides a 30 day free trial on all of its production software so you can see if it works for you.

      Good luck with your productions and let us know how it works out for you.

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      Thanks for the responses. I’m using Premier Elements 2.0. I’ve got 500gb hd, and 2gb RAM, Core 2 quad processor. I think I’m ok w/the system.

      PE seems to diminish the video quality considerably when I use it. And it gets unreliable with projects over about 30-40 minutes. For a while, I was using PE to create and edit, and then Nero to burn. Nero was much more stable for large project. So I decided to just use NERO for the whole project since the editing I was doing was simple, merely dropping a couple seconds here, and there. That’s when I discovered the quality differense. I rendered two identical clips to AVI, and played them back. Nero was about the sameas the original. PE made the picture smaller, and the quality was diminished. I went back and looked and the reduction in size, and diminished quality happened on import, not render. It was like that in the edit screen. I searched but could not find any settings to change that would impact that.

      Do i understand that Vegas will work for editing, but I will need another program (like DVD Architech Studio) for buring?


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      What is the initial video source? Is it SD or HDV or something smaller?

      The PRE 2.0 project is set to SD video using DV NTSC for size and frame rate. I don’t think that you can change that in the older version (2.0 is about three or so years old) so if you were shooting video that doesn’t match the size it will be converted. If you are shooting video that is smaller than the DV NTSC standard it will appear smaller in the monitor in PRE.

      If the quality is diminished by PRE it probably has to do with the export setting you are using when rendering the file, or the footage not matching the DV NTSC standard frame size and possibly having to be scaled up.


      >>Premiere Express can’t do what the less expensive Vegas Studio does with ease.<<

      PRE was intended for the home video user, the hobbyist that just wanted to edit family videos together and spit them out to a DVD. It, especially the older version that is talked about in this thread was never intended for anything this long.

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      Vegas Pro 8 comes with DVD Architect

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      Skinnyvinny, you have to go out of your way to get a version of Vegas without it including DVD Architect. Although you can download (or even purchase) the two programs seperately from Sony’s web site, Vegas Home Studio includes the authoring program for the same price. You can get the SD only version of Vegas Home Studio for less than $100 and the HD (or SD) version is less than $120. And I am using the SD version one release below what is currently available. But as I previously mentioned, I’ve used it to produce programs running nearly two and a half hours in length. Then created a custom DVD using Architect. So you don’t have to spend a fortune to do your project.

      and Jerronsmith, thanks for the info. I guess you can tell I don’t know much about other NLE’s.

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